Patch 7.3.5: Loremaster

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”
Orson Welles

Patch 7.3.5: Loremaster

Icy Veins has the scoop that the way of tracking quests in older zones, like Netherstorm in Outland is changed!

Instead of a flat “complete 120 quests” and earn Into the Nether, there will be chapters like we have seen in the zones here in Legion. Will those chapters add up to 120 quests in the Netherstorm? I don’t know. It will be a fun thing to look at when the patch arrives.

I don’t have the Loremaster title or even Loremaster of any region except those forced on us to get flying, so that is WoD and Legion zones. I think that with zone scaling, we might be interesting in returning to certain zones to complete unfinished chapters or investing more (it is Blizzard’s hope) when leveling a new Allied Race.

Looking over my characters (alts) I can see that some are deeper in some zones than others. So, if we choose to return, then we’ll be flipping through our Alts to see who went the deepest in a zone way-back-when we were leveling. And, if we are returning to clean up a zone, we’ll still likely be over-powered and flying as a 100 or 110 character.

Are you a Completionist and feel the urge to fill that bar and get the title? Or will you shrug and want to play our current content?

Today, I look over the completed quests in a zone like Desolace and shrug at the three completed as I know that before the addition of Achievements in WotLK that I’d cleaned that place up and that it looked very different then before the Cataclysm. It should be fun to return, but I don’t know.



12 thoughts on “Patch 7.3.5: Loremaster

  1. I like the zone scaling system, it’s a but annoying having to choose either to stay and finish the storyline, but get irrelevant xp points, or move on and keep playing current level range content.

    This has never stopped Princess, btw xD She will finish a zone she wants even if the experience gained is zero.

    But what I think will be really good is that chapter system for each zone. I’ve lost count of the times I needed other quests and couldn’t find them, or even had an indication as to where I could start them.

    Take Vashjir for example. Princess did the whole zone and told me how cool it was, and each character I try to take there, the quests simply disappear after the sea horse mount part 😦

    My recommendation to do entire zones, is trying to match the zone with the character you’ll take there. Ex: my dk did the whole zone of Icecrown, my hunter did all of Un’Goro, etc. It really helps having a bit more fun when trying to finish a zone one has started so many times and never finished.

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      • I must give credit to Princess, she is the one who came up with it 🙂

        And from what she told me about the underwater zone, it is definitely worth it. I doubt there is a zone on WoW she hasn’t explored yet with the exception of Draenor zones (she found difficult for her gnome monk to relate to the whole Draenor thing, so she stayed doing ALL of Pandaria, reaching 100 there), and Vashj’ir is one of her favourite zones.

        This “matching” idea has helped a lot, try it sometime 😀

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  2. I got Loremaster way back in the day before you needed it by zones, my wife needed to complete about 5 quests and could not get online that evening, so lost all progress when Cata dropped. I have debated going back and completing all of the zones as they are now on my max level just to have them done. I am not sure how I feel about zone scaling for older content, I thought I read somewhere that it would cap at max level for the expansion? The chapter idea sounds much better. The old issue in BC with needing to get that one quest in a different zone to unlock the final ones use to be a headache for many.

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  3. I am returning to check it all out, no doubt! Looking forward to it as well 🙂 Thank you for the link, good to check that out. I like the changes to be able to track those stories through out the zones better.

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  4. As I’m a lore maniac, it’s one of the most exciting and top priority achievements for me. I think I got Loremaster of both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms before travelling further – it’s been Cataclysm times for my main.

    With my first entrance to WoW in WotLK, it’s been really amazing to see the questlines revamped in Cata: totally new stories, totally new experience.

    First thing I do in every new expansion – Loremaster & Exploration 🙂 I like to know where is everything and what’s happening in the zones I’m walking in 🙂

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