Let’s Talk Pets

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”
Soren Kierkegaard

Let’s Talk Pets

It is Critter Week. What a great time to level pets, the boost is fantastic.

As a mini-game, All Things Pets is pretty well designed. There is collecting, leveling, farming, battling and achievements. With pets, following the achievement list will usually get you where you want to go. In all, I think that for me that it is best kept as a mini-game and not something I only do in the World of Warcraft.

The new PvP achievement is a heart-breaker. I usually feel lucky if I win one out of five fights. There are specialists on my realm (and yours too, I am sure) who have teams that are tough (unborn, idol, etc.) and they also use some addon to know which spells I have chosen for my pets. Depending on the time of day, you’ll see the same guy over and over whipping your butt — it is frustrating if you feel that you have to win.

However, Pet Brawler and it’s lead-up achievements demand teams of the same class. That will even the playing field some. And, hopefully increased interest will bring more players into the pvp pet battles. This is good news! In this new achievement run, find the team that you like and win ten fights.

If you just want to win a pvp pet battle you can try two things. One is a pure healing team like the Sunflower and Turnip and keep healing until they give up; the second is to use a friend. In this case, make a team of one 25 and two 1’s and the AI will team you up with your friend and they can throw the fight.

Some of the Pet Brawler stuff should be fun. My two Spring Rabbits and the Dustbunny are super fast and will go first; with Dodge, Burrow and Flurry: that will be a tough team to beat. Same with my three Bronze Drakes! The exercise is to choose a team and know what the spells do and (they hope) with ten fights that you’ll get a better understanding of the game.

I use the addon Rematch. It is much more powerful that what I use it for. Saving a team for a specific fight is perfect; I have a team for Christoph Van Feasel, the other Feasel at DMF, Crysa, Bert and Taming.

And, I have about six pets set to favorites that I change up. I have /rfp macro’d with Dash and some other movement spells or a mount to see my pets out all of the time. I like them, they are like little buddies and add flavor to my presence in the game.

So, for Pet Brawler, which I have not started; what do you think? Is it better to have three of the same pets in that class or mix the pets up? Three rabbits or a Bandicoon, Snake and a Black Lamb? Go purely offensive or mix in a heal or avoidance? So many ways to go, let’s get started!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Pets

  1. Oh, yes, please, let’s talk pets! πŸ™‚

    What a Mini game indeed, that I never really spend much time on until now. I am sure this could keep me occupied for years, doing nothing but that – there is so much.

    I have not done many PvP battles, because I got fed up with the, is the term still, cookie cutter pets? SO often its that Kun Lai thing, Teroclaw, Boneserpent.

    It’s just so dull!

    So this new PvP Pet Achievement is actually very welcome for me, because people are going for it, and therefor having to come up different teams (unless they just run with 3 of the same pet, that should really be forbidden..!)

    Thank you for the tips on teams πŸ™‚

    My hardest one to beat is that annoying Imp with the Nethergate. I try to force it into battle, but it is often paired with super tough pets to beat in general as well. They say, if you can’t beat them, join them, but I just want creativity.

    As for the Pet Brawler, and PvP battles in general, I really wish they would make it so you could only use ONE of each pet.

    Whenever I make a PvP pet battle team, I always go for those that are less known, and yes, I end up losing but I just find it more fun – and sometimes I even manage to beat some of the harder combos. My random team took down 3 Bone serpents – that felt gooood!

    I try to mix it up. So I won’t end up vs a team I only have weak attack against. But hey, I am still new, still learning, a lot. Still capturing, still levelling πŸ™‚

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