Ga-Lump-a-Lump: My Frog

“My parents used to call me ‘The Little Frog,’ because whenever they asked how I knew something, I’d say ‘read it,’ which sounds a bit like a frog croak.”
Talulah Riley

Ga-Lump-a-Lump: My Frog

There was a recent “data dump” of files for the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion. I usually don’t bother to look too closely … but there is a Frog Mount.

I would love to ride a frog.

Reading Misdirections’ post today called Aaaand We’re Off, especially the thoughts on Alpha and Beta, made me think a little about this expansion.

The main thing that I’m thinking is that BfA will offer no new systems. For example, in Legion we got zone scaling. That was a new system and it needed testing. In fact, we are testing for them right now in the live game as they “scale” all of the old expansions. We’ve seen many fixes in these past few weeks.

But, as I understand it, everything that has been offered in BfA in the way of activities are all settled and sure technologies. The islands that we will visit are the Scenario tech from Pandaria, for example. The Pendant is an echo of the Artifact, they know how it works and don’t need much testing. There will not be wholesale class changes and re-vamps.

In past expansions we got new systems like vehicles or cross realm zone phasing or transmog or a toy box or scenarios or jousting (forgive me). I don’t see any new thing that can break or need extensive testing. Really, the only testing needed for Legion was stress testing Nomi and the individual dungeons and raids.

The job of this next expansion should be a fairly easy one, there is little ambition.

And, that might be for the best. They are trying to fold us back, somehow, to the fondly remembered days of slow leveling and taking an evening with friends to explore a dungeon. I think that is wonderful if they can tell a good story, offer interesting and rewarding quests, challenging mechanics in raids and so on. There is this little tick in my left eye that everything is “really” being designed for mythic plus speed runs — but that would be an off-the-wall paranoid conspiracy theory.


2 thoughts on “Ga-Lump-a-Lump: My Frog

  1. I don’t know what to say. That thing is hideous! Hah 😀

    Hm, good observations about the work required to get BfA on the road.

    I am trying to ignore that tick too, you are not alone. I look at all the new models that gets updated and what not, and convince myself, there will be plenty for me to enjoy 🙂

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