Allied Races: Plan Ahead

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
Warren Buffett

Allied Races: Plan Ahead

It is no spoiler to look at the racials of the new Allied Races. Many of us are planning and eager to level up a new race and play and have fun. We want to be looking good!

If you are someone who enjoys the mini-game of gold making; the racials will be crucial to your decisions. And, as it is possible as we see the end of Legion, that we might shuffle our current Alt’s professions around to accommodate our new characters.

We all have hopes, some tender and wishful, that the crafting professions get an outlet for their goods in some form of consumable. We are very sure that mining and herbing will be profitable. Dungeoning and Raiding consumables will be profitable, I would guess that beyond flasks and stat potions that there will be a boost of interest in invisibility pots for mythic plus runs; maybe even Run Fast pots.

Lets take a quick look at Wowhead’s list of Allied Races Racial Abilities. I’m only going to highlight the profession racials.

Ancient History – Inscription skill increased by 15.
Pairing up your new Nightborne with Inscription and Herbalism might be a good choice.

Void Elves
Ethereal Connection: Reduces the cost of Void Storage and Transmogrification by 50%
No profession racial, they just want to look pretty.

Dark Iron Dwarf
Mass Production
We don’t know, yet, what this racial is but it sounds good!

Lightforged Draenei
Forge of Light Summon a Forge of Light, enabling Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing skill increased by 10.
Your new Draenei might want to have Blacksmithing paired with Mining.

Highmountain Tauren
Pride of Ironhorn Mining skill increased by 15 and allows you to mine faster.
Waste Not, Want Not You have a chance to loot additional meat and fish.
My first guess would be Mining and Skinning. Or anything that goes with Mining like Engineering, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting. etc.

No Troll information yet!

There will be a new Tailoring bag with more slots than Hexweave, keep an eye on that.

In WoD and Legion, I was very happy to have three tailors. In Legion, I was very happy to have (now) four Herbalists because of the Felwort World Quest. I would guess that these systems will continue and you can’t worry too much about having multiple gatherers in your army.

6 thoughts on “Allied Races: Plan Ahead

  1. Hmm… I haven’t thought a lot about professions for my Allied Races characters, in part because I generally ignore professions for my minor characters. I mean, they have them, but I haven’t put any effort into skilling them up.

    I guess my Nightborne should be a Scribe, then! And an Herbalist, too, because in general I like my characters to be able to supply most of the materials for their own crafting professions.

    Mining is definitely an obvious choice for a Highmountain! Mini-Kam, who will race change to Highmountain, is currently a Scribe and has a few glyphs that my main Scribe does not, so I’ll probably keep her as a Scribe. My Highmountain Druid will have to be an Herbalist, because herbing in Flight Form is still the best thing ever, but perhaps I’ll give her Mining as a second profession instead of a crafting skill. My Highmountain Warrior will probably be a Miner, and maybe a Blacksmith, too, but we’ll see what happens when I roll her.

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  2. Ethereal Connection: Reduces the cost of Void Storage and Transmogrification by 50% – are you serious!? Gosh. The money I would save! So much to think about for those with alts, I can certainly see that, exciting times 😀

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  3. I started a big reorg project with my characters last year, before I stopped playing. This info about the Allied Races and their professions fits nicely with those plans! But I must unlock them first. 🙂

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