What’s Your Favorite Mount?

What’s Your Favorite Mount?

And welcome to this installation of Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge covering today’s topic: What is your favorite mount?


  • According to my Armory, I have 393 mounts. Whew!
  • Any mount that I ride will be macro’d. With the minimum of a firework and bubbles in my wake but if you happen to see some forgotten puppies or the Spirit of Bashiok dancing on the road; you can bet that I’m a few minutes ahead of you.
  • I think that the best designed ground mount are the Night Elf original cat mounts.
  • The best /mountspecial might be the new fox from the Suramar quests that does an awesome scampering Figure Eight.
  • Remember that Ins and Del on your keyboard, while flying, will make you loop in the air. Fantastic!
  • Utility mounts like the T-Mog Yak and the Water Strider and the Sandstone Drake are the most called for due to function.

My Main is a Druid. Travel Form tops the list as cat, tree, stag, bear or bird. I love it in raid when someone jumps on after a wipe. But, with Dash and Swiftness Potions, I’m zipping back to the group and I’d rather you be looking at your Recap or DPS logs to figure why we wiped. It is the healers job with Mass Rez.

My Alchemist/Inscriptionist is a female night elf hunter named Feignlove. Don’t trust her. I got the Big Love Rocket back in 2012 and she’s been flaunting it ever since.

My new Void Elf is leveling and riding the Sapphire Panther. Her name is Verity and you can trust her. I like that she is so slender but easily rides a large powerful mount.

Most of my other Alts are on the Darkmoon Dirigible. I’m proud of this recent purchase of 1000 tickets. It is unique and a great flyer.

In general, I prefer smooth quiet rides. Liking the looks of the copters and mechanostriders and cloud serpents; they don’t last long on my bars.



One thought on “What’s Your Favorite Mount?

  1. I have a blast flying upside down. Especially as the Sandstone drake.
    The arrow on the map is backwards too!

    393 mounts!? Wow. I just reached 200, which I think is a lot in the game already 🙂

    I agree, that fox’s mountspecial is gorgeous. So lifelike. I still hope to get it! One needs to do Withered Training yes?

    What a nice way to think of it; you do the ressing, they have time to analyze 🙂

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