Dragonkin Brawler

“Somebody up there likes me.”
Rocky Graziano

Dragonkin Brawler

One down, nine to go. Pet Battle PvP can be tedious and rough on your soul. Having done one, I thought I’d share what I’m doing in case you are crazy enough to try this achievement. The goal is Family Brawler; winning ten battles with each class with pets at 25.


I started with Dragonkin because they are pretty tough and it was already my preset team for Crysa; the tamer over in Kalimdor. Here is my team:


Arcane Slash, Early Advantage and Fly Over on the two Bronze Drakes. Breath, Roar and Early Advantage on the Infinite.

Early Advantage does double damage if your health is below the opponent. Fly Over to avoid hits and then a straight up damage shot.

I think that opening with a S/S pet (speed) so that I can go first really helps. Most players will open with a hard hitter, so flying up can negate that first hard shot.

Waiting for these pet battles in a que is a heart-breaker. The only way I’ve been able to cope with this is entering the que while on a flight path. I am leveling a Void Elf, sometimes by visiting pet tamers; the flight from the little girl with the bunnies to Thorium Point is long enough to enter a cue and then Thorium Point all the way to Hope’s Chapel can fit in a battle or two.

Of course, I have the toy (from the heirloom vendor) to give me flight points at level one.

You will win and you will lose. You will face off against some pros and also against clear noobs; some teams are mixed and some teams are class builds.

Time is a huge factor in this achievement. Folding in the task while doing other things really helps.

5 thoughts on “Dragonkin Brawler

  1. Very cool, so far, so good. 🙂 I don’t think I have that dragon, so on with me to get that – I often find my pets on low health :p

    I actually quite like that they introduced this achievement; it has made someone like me adventure into the PvP bet battles. Now the risk of running into – is it called meta – teams, is lower. I still have not found a way to beat those triple healing teams – and I often still lose to Teroclaw, Haunt, Critter-thing teams.

    Thank you for the tip 🙂

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