Mechanical Brawler

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else will.”
Sugar Ray Robinson

Mechanical Brawler

Last night I decided to play until I lost and promptly ran the table. Ten in a row! I think I faced a rookie for several of those fights.


I had a strong team.


On the eighth fight I switched to the Mechanical Yeti for Lightning weather and two Lil’ Blings. Won those last two fights with this team.

I am doing the “easy” classes first. Partially, I think, I know the spells of my team so well. That won’t be the same when I get to Elemental or Magic.

And, I’m already 4/10 with Critter. Three high-speed rabbits, opening with burrow, then dodge, then flurry; burrow and dodge off of cooldown and it is a very tough team to beat.

It is fun now because I’m getting some wins but I worry about Aquatic and the Fliers.

Let’s keep playing!

2 thoughts on “Mechanical Brawler

  1. Look at you go! I have been lucky with the speedy moths for the Flying one. Struggling with Aquatic though, I have very few of those. Good luck ahead 🙂

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