Undead Brawler

“I was a pretty good fighter. But it was the writers who made me great.”
Jack Dempsey

Undead Brawler

It took me some time to settle onto this team. I like this team. This team can beat three Teroclaw Hatchlings, the second time he showed up he waved the white flag. I got schooled by an Aquatic team; but that is part of the game.



Rattlejaw drops bones and, if he was on his last gasp, I’d cast that as a final spell. Reanimate takes three turns so you should use it pretty early. Several times I waited until I was at half health and the final health jump was in my dead phase.

Graves can consume the corpse of Rattlejaw for health, use it at half-health. The AoE spell is good for players who tuck low health fighters on the back row.

Spirit Crab has that nice shell and Surge always goes first. This is the least interesting of the three pets but can survive pretty well.

In general, offensive spells do more damage than the healing spells can sustain. Especially when you invest turns in those spells. For example, if you see Dodge then that is a good time to freshen up your own shell or to amplify magic. Or simply Pass.

Four down and six to go. I doubt that I can keep doing one-achieve-a-day! But, it is a fun side-line in the game and I’m enjoying it.

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