Ulduar Time Walking

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Ulduar Time Walking

The old raid is up this week for time walking. About six of our raid team put up a pug board and recruited twenty players to take a look at this new and old thing. We were super lucky and got a tank that knew all of the fights and where to go next; that made the night much better.

It is all still there.

The vehicle fight and I’m ready to play and watchers were all in place. We had a clean run up to Freya and then it got harder and harder and harder. We wiped several times on Freya and, for some reason, players in our group couldn’t understand to clear the three big guys first and kept pulling the boss.

The first hour was totally fun. We downed the bosses and got and shared our 930 loot. NB: the loot says soul bound but it is not.

The second hour raised some anxiety on which way to go, the council is well hidden. Hodir and Freya and the Cold Guy were hard but after a wipe or two we did it. Usually with just five players left alive.

The third hour saw players peeling off after a wipe, one by one. Mimron should be obvious, like avoiding a land mine, but maybe not so obvious?

The fourth hour saw us facing the final boss, now down to twelve players. You can’t open the pug board and generate new players to continue the walk through time. We wiped four times and dropped down to nine players. Finally at that point, we all said our thank yous and quit.

Four hours is a long time.

For my experience, it was far better and more fun that Black Temple. BT has so many fears and stuns and bewildering mechanics that it was a little too hard, maybe they re-tuned it after that first week but I’ll never return.

Ulduar is too big for one night. I have zero idea how lock outs work for time walking raids. As raids do, it gets harder and harder; I wish that I had a guild team of thirty but I don’t.

In all, it is a fun tourist trap and some nice sight-seeing. I have no motivation to return and finish it.


2 thoughts on “Ulduar Time Walking

  1. These TW raids are a mystery to me. Like they are a test for future scaling or something. I cannot imagine, that they are as popular and worth the effort to make for Blizzard’s designers. But maybe they are used as a “skeletons” to which they can build upon future scaling. It seems to be word of the year, scaling!

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