Aquatic Brawler

“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”
Iron Mike Tyson

Aquatic Brawler

Those splashing sounds are not from my pet’s spells, they are from my tears hitting the keyboard.


I shuffled around quite a bit to find a team. I missed having Flurry or Darkness, Aquatic isn’t very interesting.


Three Puddle Terror with Sunlight, a five-turn heal and an offensive spell. Sunlight stays up for five turns and increases your healing by 50%. Open with Sunlight, then the heal and then begin shooting the other guy down. Each turn is crucial!

Sometimes I would cast a heal and shuffle my pet to the back of the deck and bring out a fresh one (letting the original heal up on the back row). It is all about survival and slowly taking down the other guy. Yep, I did win against a three-bird set where any other Aquatic team had been roasted by their first pet only. So, I’d call this a Hopeful Set.

I had a time of facing the same opponent over and over. I went an ran an LFR. It feels better facing another class team, I kind of sniff at players who bring a specialized team not based on class. Y’gotta have class to play this game!


3 thoughts on “Aquatic Brawler

  1. Oh, those Elementals getting in the way of my Darkness-crew! 😉

    Hm, sorry, the “who bring a specialized team not based on class.” I did not understand. Not based on class, how? Maybe I am a little lost in translation here.


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