Beast Brawler

“In boxing, everybody has their favorites.”
Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns

Beast Brawler

Running the Beast class was a lot of fun. There were plenty of choices and ways to imagine a team.


The All-Star Beast is the Thaumaturgic Piglet. Arcane Dash does a shocking amount of damage and Pig Out is a nice little heal. The Direhorn Family has a sturdy set of moves and for my second slot, I traded in different pets as I played for variety.


I faced a team of two Sunflowers and a Magical Crawdad. The pets were named. One was You, the second was Should and the third was Leave. A pure healing set. That Piglet beat the arrogant little snot. I’m sure he was upset. I’m guessing that Sunlight helped my little Pig Out too.

There is one player that I keep facing. He is using the Unborn Val’kyr with Haunt and the Puppy that hides behind mirror images for several rounds; you know the one. It is a tough team to beat and I typically lose. My quandary is: should I build a team just for this guy? I don’t like that idea at all.

Elemental will be next and I think it’s going to be tough. Warcraft Pets has a forum with a video in it. The video, as most WoW tutorials go, is fast with the speaker zooming through the material; just watch his mouse fly about the panes. There is no hope of reading the pet’s tooltips but he does have some good suggestions on strong pets. I think for Elemental that I’ll visit his video and some of the other forums because I think that this will be a tough class to play.


3 thoughts on “Beast Brawler

  1. Oh, that made my day too. I faced one of those teams; that obviously have put together a set of pets designed to make the opponent flee on sight, giving them an easy win. Not here. I lost, but I kept them inside ONE pet battle for over an entire hour. (He had very offensive pet names too, I cannot even list them here)

    Ouch, the Haunt team is not always easy to master. I try to throw a few pets together to counter it, but I agree; I do not like the idea of having to come up with a strategy towards ONE player.

    Oh, Elementals! I did that one. But I am not very experienced, so maybe I just got lucky. I had Shard of Cyrukh, with Fel Immolate, Darkflame, and Flame Jet. Fel Flame with Burn, Immolate and Conflagrate. And Dark Phoenix Hatchling with Laser, Darkflame and Conflagarate. It worked well against those crazy healing teams. But as said, maybe I got lucky 🙂

    I just got the Stunted Direhorn! Is it still powerful?

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      • Aha, ok, I see. I am more or less done with PvP Pet Battles, just thought the dino looked super cute 🙂 Oh yeah, burn ’em up indeed! And the two times reduced healing debuff is super nice vs. Teroclaw too 🙂


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