Magic Brawler

“Once that bell rings you’re on your own. It’s just you and the other guy.”
Joe Louis

Magic Brawler

This week I remembered to get What We Are Training For so I would earn the bag of pet goodies. I think I got three bandages and a magical biscuit. As anticipated, Magic Brawler was kind of tough. Certain teams and classes can pwn you. But, you can win a few too.


This was the team for my last battle. I switched through many pets, trying to find combinations that I liked. The Enchanted Torch and the Blood Boil were fun. These three, I like because they can be sneaky. The top pet can change our opponent to Undead. My second pet likes to Powerball against Undead! It made me smile while playing.


While doing professions in Legion, I felt that the designers forced us into circumstances like dungeons or raids on the hope that if we tried it that we’d like it; it was just so good. It is a bit of the same with pvp pet battles; this achievement, I’d wager, is the hope that if we would simply try their game that we’d like it: it is that good.

As a project for an achievement, this series is great. I’ve learned to spread out the times played so as not to get into a groove against another single opponent who now knows you and your intention. I can see that achieve with 250 won on the horizon and it would be a grind to get there — which is why there are teams with Haunt and a Molten Corgi and a Bunneh.

Eight down and two to go! Humanoid is next and then Fliers.

3 thoughts on “Magic Brawler

  1. I used that Porcupette too πŸ˜€ I hear you; that 250 win also came for me!

    Hm, I wonder though, this new series of Achievements – I see it as a fantastic way to spice things up in the PvP Pet Battle arena. It’s a little more “friendly” towards new Pet Battle Players to face these teams, than the tougher Haunt combos, for example.

    For me, personally, this has been great. I have loved coming up with new combos (I try to never use pets that I see a lot) and it has been good fun learning the abilities, and trying to predict my opponent πŸ™‚

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