That’s All They Do

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”
Sun Tzu

That’s All They Do

I ran some Rated Battle Grounds last night for the first time.


My recollection is that we ran eight and won two. Those wins are pretty good since three of us don’t do this stuff at all.

Having joined random BGs before, I cringed at the idea, expecting a toxic atmosphere. I was wrong! We built a ten-man team, each player asked for Discord info and logged in. We cheered and groaned, of course. But there were no attacks for failure like you see in the randoms.

It was fun!

The other team was always “rated” higher than us and our group was fine with it. We saw some interesting strategies, one was to keep us involved with a portion of their team; they’d not kill us but keep us fighting and fighting while other stuff was going on. Interesting idea!

One team was way too good. This must be all that they do, all day long. Their team was loaded with stuns and traps and fears. They were fast, too fast. I suspect macros and key-binds and a ton of practice; not only as players but as a group. Pride hurting, I told our group what WE had more college degrees! Anything to take the sting out of a spanking like that.

Again, our group on Discord was very polite. Even if one left and we picked up another, we got a “gg ty gl” as they left. This was an overall good experience.

Will I do more? Am I addicted? Ha! Certainly not. Well … maybe … if my friends want to go.

You Only Live Once.

3 thoughts on “That’s All They Do

  1. I was worried to enter the Rated Battlegrounds. I have not PvPed much in Legion (And I used to PvP a loooot) But most were really okay, and you win some, you lose some, it was all good.

    Though, as soon as I got my Artifact Apperance unlocked, I was out of there, hah 🙂 I want to get back to “regular” PvP sometime.

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