AOTC: Argus the Unmaker

“The law works fear and wrath; grace works hope and mercy.”
Martin Luther

AOTC: Argus the Unmaker

This week, one of our members in the guild did all the fights up to Argus and had a saved lock out. We tried on Thursday and failed. We tried again last night and got the kill.


Having the lock out is empowering somehow. No one could kick us for failing. Anyone who has joined pug groups knows the icky feeling that you can be kicked at any time for any reason.

The deal with pug groups is that they take time. A lot of time. Our leader was very good at choosing players to join us; making sure that they had a good gear score and that we had enough ranged to deal with the orbs. And that takes time. Sure there might be 10 people who want to join and my instinct would be to take them all and load up and go for it: which is why I’m not a good pug leader!

If you wipe, people leave; often with a few tart remarks and parting shots. A lot of people have done and learned this fight before our little group did and they have little patience (and I don’t blame them at all). Everyone wants to do this kill every week.

I don’t know what it will be like next month. Will it be weak Alts who know the fights? Still, if your ilevel is around 960, that is the threshold and you might want to go try for the pretty mount.


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