My World of Warcraft Blog

“Take away paradox from the thinker and you have a professor.”
Søren Kierkegaard

My World of Warcraft Blog

Blogging on the World of Warcraft is great. The game is international, the audience is invested and the games moves on and on; constantly changing. Blogging on something that moves forward really makes sense.

I think that we bloggers serve a purpose. If you have ever looked up something on Wowhead and got a dead end; and then put in a ticket that told you to go look at Wowhead — you know why we exist. Whether we are actually providing the answers, this fact remains true: people are looking.

Big numbers come when an expansion drops, a lot of people are looking for answers.


On my humble blog, this is what they were looking for on expansion month.


Now, lets look at the current game. We are in a lull.


People are still looking for answers. Allied races jumps out as one of the new things in the game.


When I started by blog back at the beginning of Warlords of Draenor, it was a solid year before the search engines found me. I was typing into a void. On the month of September in 2016; my little baby blog was visited by 70 different countries from (obviously!) all over the world.

Keep blogging, my friends. The world (of warcraft) needs you!

One thought on “My World of Warcraft Blog

  1. That was a fun comparison to see 🙂 Wowhead has lost a little appeal to me over the years, sadly, it seems as if the answers are not always there anymore. But who am I to speak. I should really start posting answers there myself, then! Rock and glass house and all that. Maybe I’ll do that in BfA, hmm.

    Sometimes on my blog, I wonder – why make a post with this, the answers are already elsewhere. But more and more in game seems, is the word, “implied”, with vague descriptions on Wowhead and what not. I remember the good old Thottbot days though 😀 And before that, when I had no clue pages like that existed. Good times.

    I much rather read a fellow blogger’s view on things though, than the “standard” guides these days 🙂 So much creativity and passion without our little community!

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