BfA: Dev Q&A

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
Stephen Hawking

BfA: Dev Q&A

Today’s date is March 15, 2018.

First impressions:

I just watched the presentation by Watcher and Lore. They are using hand-held microphones now and they are not professional performers. I think that they should go back to the other microphones that could still capture them while they turned their heads.

Overall, my impression was that they are not going to screw it up. Many of the systems that are being advanced are tried and true or being simplified. This is not a tough new thing that they are trying in the next expansion.

I did not hear anything about what I want to know: can I level up and play in my heal spec like I did in Legion. It was odd and quirky and so unusual that I found it fun.

We need to look a lot more into how the new social channels will work for us. When the pre-expansion patch drops, 8.0, we will have these new features. It was reassuring to learn that the guild channel is the base and foundation channel. The new system, though, will allow a way to join other teams and get on their calendars or receive invites by the players making new channels … I think. This needs more research on my part.

As I’ve written in the past, I have not been happy with having a mission table in BfA. It will be much different. Their example of needing, in Legion, to do a twelve hour mission before taking the next step in a quest chain will be gone. It will be more of a place to spend resources as an outlet for stocked up resources rather than something necessary and vital to your progress.

Finally, aside from this Dev chat, I’ve looked briefly over the string changes posted by MMO in their data-mining and I see very little, if any, on healing changes. Going into Legion, they said that they thought Druid healing was in a good place. That’s all fine. But, we do like to get new stuff now and then!

2 thoughts on “BfA: Dev Q&A

  1. Awww…Nice quote.

    I didn’t watch it, so thank you for saving me time and providing a recap.

    Yes, yes and more yes. Being able to deal an okay amount of damage as a Healer in Legion has been a big part of why I have enjoyed it.

    I did read, that we get Shred taken away from our affinty, in a built on the PTR not long ago, that did not look good to me. But you must forgive my lack of source, I cannot go near Wowhead these days!

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  2. I did not watch the video (I’m ill again, due to the rain and cold, along with going in and out of heated buildings and rooms 😩). Thank you for the recap!

    I just saw the “news” about Kul,Tiras humans, they seem cool ^^

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