The WoW Armory

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”
Stephen Hawking

The WoW Armory

What’s up with the Armory and are you happy with it?

I’d guess that you have your character bookmarked and visit now and then. The first page with our character on it is up-to-date. One would guess that it is because so many third-party sites like Ask Mr Robot rely on that page to do their calculations.

But, other areas are not kept up. Tottle is a strange checkered box.


And the achievements are not updated either. I think I’m 246/250 right now.


I also remember when the Armory would let you spin your character so you could see your transmog. There was even a time when you could use emotes like /train and /point.

The mount and pet collections are okay. I’d rather be able to click on an uncollected to find the source of it. And the Toy Box collection is ignored; which makes me very sad.

While Blizzard may want us always in the game, we certainly are not. However, I remember my lunch breaks at work and planning my stuff for a WoW evening. I’d even have a list of toys or pets or unfinished achievements that I’d make to plan out.

So, do you think Blizzard likes having an Armory page? It feels a bit neglected and skimpy to me.

4 thoughts on “The WoW Armory

  1. Good topic. The Armory really needs to be cared for. I would like to see it updated and working, displaying things correctly. Either it’s there and top tuned, or not. But it appears a little on and off, for Blizzard, at times, they have done improvements to it, only to take them away again, and sort of paused in the middle.

    Oh, that Tottle. It’s so buggy right now. Even in Pet Battles. I keep going up against a team where it’s in, and he just saves the Shell Rush till the end, to use it, so the fight just stops and bugs out. His pets name are even something like “Either you give up, “or no one wins”!

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  2. Yes, it’s been a while since they did anything with the armory. It used to be fun to look around and see other characters that you knew and see what they had been up too – now, you’re lucky if the information on your own characters are complete.

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