Druid Healing: Late Legion

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
Yogi Berra

Druid Healing: Late Legion

There is a fellow Druid on our raid team and we compare notes now and then. He is a super-smart guy with a real life job that has a security clearance. He explained to me the math behind crypto-currency one night. Yeah, that smart.

He is now using what he calls his Lazy Build. He is using the legendary chest and the Tearstone of Elune along with Soul of the Forest and Spring Blossoms. He casts Rejuvenation now and then but mainly he casts Wild Growth off of cooldown.

The chest supports our bonus set and has a ton of stats on it. The Tearstone can boost Wild Growth. Spring Blossoms is a boost to our mushroom.

His healing numbers are the same as mine. I am a more active healer using Germination and trying to anticipate damage. He said that his job is to do Druid Healing. The other healers, like a Holy Priest, should be chasing those with low health with their instant spells. It is almost a philosophy in healing.

I don’t think that I’ll change over to his style. This late in Legion, most of us have all of the legendary pieces and can move things around. And it is fun to change things around, especially as we face the same bosses over and over and know the choreographed encounters pretty well.

I like the role of Healer. And chasing down those with low health is part of the fun, even if it means being clumsy and spamming Regrowth because, while I love our Holy Priest: our group collectively can get caught in a bad spot. Whether the numbers are the same, I prefer to support individuals as well.

The point is: our healing as Druids can be done several ways and still be successful.


One thought on “Druid Healing: Late Legion

  1. Interesting read. It sounds as if I heal similar to how you heal.

    My legendaries are a mess though, I use Prydaz in LFR, because it’s just nice with such an enormous absorb.

    But I can remember back in WotlK, at the end of the expansion, how many healers would just place AoE heals here and there and snooze. I’d like to stay on my toes! Sounds as if healing in BfA will not be a snooze fest.

    What a sweet screenshot. I would like more screenshots of your in game adventures 😀

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