Legendary System Fail

“I saw a bank that said ’24 Hour Banking’, but I don’t have that much time.”
Steven Wright

Legendary System Fail

Mind if I gripe a little bit?

These are all my legendary pieces that I can’t or wont use. Thirty-six of them. Three are tokens for characters I don’t play. But, I feel that I have to keep them in my bank storage. Not for a rainy day or if I want to change specs. I think that if I throw them away that I’ll get the same pieces again.


Now, I could just throw them ALL away and keep throwing out new legendary pieces. But, now that I get tokens for Alts; I’d like to get one for a character that would be delighted to have a legendary piece. Perhaps a new Allied Race that I’m leveling up to get a tmog set that only she can wear.

This system doesn’t work when I get tokens for Death Knights and Demon Hunters, two classes that I don’t play. It ramps up my frustration and forces me to use up bank space.

Am I looking at this wrong? Is there a solid solution that I am missing?

7 thoughts on “Legendary System Fail

  1. I never thought of that, and how much space they actually take up. Are they Unique or Unique Equipped? if not Unique, at least they can go into the Void Storage. I wonder, do offspec Legendaries drop for you, once you gotten all for your main spec or do you have to change loot spec?

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  2. They should move to the BoA heirloom tab. Especially the tokens. I have a ton of stuff cluttering my bank bags. And the extra Legendaries I have are filling spots too. I don’t have as many as you, but I won’t part with them in case there is a change to the best in slot pieces.

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  3. The Argus tokens and Legendary tokens sure could use a special place to store. Or a way to combine head+chest+gloves+all into a full set token if you wanted, this would save a lot of space I think I have 3 full cloth sets in the bank xD

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