Mythic on Raid Finder

“In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”
Desiderius Erasmus

Mythic on Raid Finder

The big news this week, for raiders, is that mythic raiding is cross realm and it is on the raid finder.

This is a pretty big shift in design and philosophy. Mythic raiding has been an exclusive club. Players like myself consider Heroic to be enough and won’t step into this higher level of play; you would need a dedicated team on the same server to be successful.

With the shift to being able to pug in players, will it become the natural “next step” in progression? Will I wallow in normal level raiding and be content with that instead?

Mythic level raiding will still need 20 players. There is no “flex” in the design. There will be increased scrutiny on who is the best at a task, whether it is an interrupting rogue or a AoE healer. Compounded by that is the design changes coming down the pike for BfA with more emphasis on unique class abilities and utility.

Still, it could be a path for an individual to blaze ahead of his fellow raiders. All you need is a couple of players on your typical raid team to be hearty and have thick skin to make your team’s progression content laughable. It might put greater pressure on others to do the same to be competitive.

It could be that the mind-set of mythic raiding as being the ultimate end-game in WoW is now nerfed in our minds; pushing the mythic-plus dungeoneer as the classiest cat on the block.

It is a big change. Our realm, which is the marriage of two realms, only has one mythic team that I’m aware of and they kinda suck. They keep trying but can’t keep a full team; it will be easier for them now.

The most chilling thought for me is that we simply don’t know which class will be favored in the next expansion. I remember well, during WoD, when Watcher told Lore that if he wasn’t bringing a Disc Priest to his mythic raid that he was doing it wrong. The shock on Lore’s face and the humiliation was sickening to see.

And there will be favored classes; no doubt about it. And, you can not bet on today’s top dogs rolling into the next expansion, Watcher, when talking about affliction warlock said something like, “no man is the king forever”.

2 thoughts on “Mythic on Raid Finder

  1. Oh big change. I wonder what the reason is for introducing it now. Too far up there for me to know enough about and speculate on. Sometimes I consider buying some kind of boost in game (using in game gold) to get a ride and see the Mythic scene for once!

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