Rollover Currency

“Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!”
William Butler Yeats

Rollover Currency

It is five or six months until the next expansion. I have a friend in my guild who is on the Alpha. Apparently you can ask to get a key, go to your account maybe? He was describing to me the architecture and posting some screenshots in Discord.

But, that isn’t what I want to know. I want to know if the Pet Charms will still be a currency in the next expansion. I want to know of the Goblin Glider Kits will still be useful along with the Drums of Fury. I want to know about system changes in how we do things.

You can still spend Timeless Coins on pet biscuits, for example. My Garrison from WoD is still churning out resources and spending them on mats. Apexis Crystals, I’ve not found an outlet and the same with the Nethershards. I hope that they remove the cap on Ancient Mana.

We have a guild tab loaded with raiding flasks and pots, I am wondering when to let that empty out. As we’ve powered up, the necessity is less but it IS a comfort for our team to have them. Same with many stacks of feasts, when do I stop manufacturing them?

So, my concern is that we are tasked to collect things and not just mats but currencies. Which will remain viable in the next expansion and which will be meaningless? Man, if my 2000 Pet Charms go gray, I’ll be bummed out!


3 thoughts on “Rollover Currency

  1. I recall going into Cataclysm there was talk to sell your stuff!!! It all goes gray vendor trash. When I finally had a chance at the end of beta to get in, I copied my main, and sure enough, a lot was gone. So I started selling all the stuff everyone said would change. And on the first day?

    Not everything changed.

    So now I keep everything that may be useful. Heck I even have some unspent Valor from Mists in my currency tab.

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  2. Wow, that’s a lot of currency! Which addon do you have? That sure is handy to be able to see what your alts have.

    I am very interested in this too. I find myself hesitating to use all my Pet Charms on just buying stones to make all my pets rare. I have like 200+ pets that are grey. But if Pet Charms are a currency in BfA and there suddenly is a lot of other juicy stuff to use them on…!

    Then again. I suspect Blizzard to slow us down in the future…So why have current currency follow us. They have not done so in Legion with AP etc. during patches.

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