Glory of the Argus Raider

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?”
Robert Browning

Glory of the Argus Raider

How satisfying to get this achievement while it is the current raid. How fun it is to carry players in our guild who have never even seen the fights before! These kind of achieves are easy once learned but tense with the potential of failure during execution; so each one earned is a cheerful relief.


I like that everyone accepts failure as part of the process. We got many on the first try but others took some doing; like the Coven and the Portal guy.

We pugged in players to get enough DPS. Those guys wanted to swap Battle Tags with us to join our next adventures and to play with our mostly cheerful group. If you are not a raider, there are pug groups to join and most groups will be welcoming; it’s a different vibe than trying to kill bosses.


One thought on “Glory of the Argus Raider

  1. Ooh, my, congratulations 🙂 Man, I wish I could be one of those in your guild who gets carried away like that 😉

    Whats next for you? 😀

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