Pet Leveling with Alunaria

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Pet Leveling with Alunaria

The terrific blogger Alunaria asks for help in Pet Battlers – A hand, please? In response, she got a very good and thorough response from Wildeheart, who is such a battler that this player has an account on

According to Wildeheart, Squirt will be in the menagerie on April 8th! Here is my blog post on Squirt called Pet Leveling Bonanza. You need two pets, the Weebination and the Enchanted Broom, and a Level 3 Garrison in Draenor.

When Squirt is not around, I have my own place to grind levels. This post is called Battle Pet Leveling Again. It is a combo of using the XP of the pet battles to level an Alt with the thought that if I can get in 20 battles in an hour that it is faster than questing.

Charm Farming is when you have Alts to run the charm rewards. I have not been back to the Menagerie since WoD (sorry Alunaria). Still, the rewards are fairly generous in Legion. I sometimes spend my charms on the Mystery Bag (cost: two charms). It sometimes give two instead of one random level boost as you can see here. Six Mystery Bags gave me seven boost tokens, using the charm exchange in volume can yield a lot of levels.



Ask friends! I’m past the need to level pets but I’m still doing it. I’ve gladly traded my level 25 cage-able pet for a level 1. Or simply give them away when asked. It is common in our guild to share pets for specific fights and then mail them back when done. Friends are great.

Probably my worse choice, but I do it all of the time, is to visit all of the Alliance tamers. Starting in the Elwynn Forest and working all the way up to Light’s Hope Chapel. As I recall, a pet can go from one to seventeen on that run. Eventually there will be longish flight paths which is why I enjoy it; I can fold laundry and read blogs. I have the heirloom toy that gives FPs to new Alts. Have a level 25 pet with decoy and slip your lowbie in and out.

There IS an Auction House. Yikes!

Taking on Family Fighter can seem like a massive and daunting project. Focus on one family, like Mechanical, and level up the list from Xu-Fu and then go do those as a reward. Remember to check for their alternate strategies in case you don’t have the pet on the main strategy. And that big list will get smaller and smaller.

Good luck, Alunaria!


2 thoughts on “Pet Leveling with Alunaria

  1. This is so considerate of you, thank you a huge bunch. Oh, please consider a Search Function to your site; so many helpful things around here for me πŸ™‚

    Squirt days are different for US and Europe?

    Oh, that’s okay, heh, I visit the Menagerie on a daily basis. Hey, do you want to hire me to take care of yours? πŸ˜‰

    Mystery bags…Didn’t notice those! Thank you.

    Aw, yeah, I bet. Nice friends, and sweet thoughts.

    Oh, why do you say it’s your worst choice, visiting the Alliance tamers?

    I just did two Broken Isles trainers today, and made it out alive with 9 health left on my Flyer, hah πŸ™‚ Wild!

    Thank you again, I’ll check out your links too πŸ™‚

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