My Planning for BfA

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”
Gloria Steinem

My Planning for BfA

I can see August 14th down the corridor. I do plan to continue to raid in the next expansion and, at this moment, plan on continuing with my Druid. I like being a druid and connected to the earth with the support of Elune.

Friends are hard to find. Planning to play and work with a friend for two years is a big thing. My current thought is that I’d like a partner so we can both tank in a raid, then I’d switch to heals when we dungeon run. This way I could build up a dual spec character who is geared for situations. Or, I could tank a dungeon and my buddy could dps; plenty of ways to play.

For Legion, I was very cautious about dungeons and mythic plus because, seriously, I don’t want to burn out on a game that I enjoy. The design model is repeatedly running the same dungeons: constantly. And, I realize that it is inevitable and unavoidable for BfA.

Healing has been great. I like that we are playing a completely different game than everyone else with small concern over what the enemy is doing. Late in this expansion, I realize that I don’t know where to go in a dungeon; I’ve always simply followed the tank and healed. There is a ton of visual clutter that comes with healing, especially a huge addon that puts the party members right in my face to click on with different spells.

I don’t know if I’ll ever play DPS again. Waiting for a queue is unbearable. If they could fix it so that no one waits more than five minutes for a LFR or Dungeon, then I’d happily play a damage dealer character. If you haven’t noticed, in Legion healers are cheap. Shop the group finder for a raid and there is a serious bulge in the healers, again; waiting to play can be frustrating.

I asked my guild master for thoughts. There is the thought that I’d take it too hard if I fail the group. Dying as a deeps or as the third healer is almost expected, dying as a tank is a wipe. I’m a sensitive guy!

But, if I am changing my course (and I may not), then learning to tank is something to do now.

Do you think that dual speccing will be too time consuming?

5 thoughts on “My Planning for BfA

  1. You may want to find two people since the scenarios seem to be the big feature. That would give you the opportunity to play both roles also.

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  2. Why don’t you give it a shot? Tanking is fun 😀

    To be honest, the tank I feel most comfortable with is my Blood DK, since I feel borderline immortal.

    If it’s something you’d like to do there is so many places to learn, like the proving grounds. For the raids you can ask your guild mates for their knowledge, and even do some older tiers for practise. Believe in yourself, be willing to learn and accept that we all mess up sometimes (even if you die tanking and the group wipes, as long as you learned why it happened and how to counter it, it was a good lessson) 🙂

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  3. Oh, yes, having a friend to pair up with like that would be terrific. Aw, shoot, we cannot play together. Two Druids, stealth team on route! 😀

    I think that it’s wise to stay a little clear of too much repeatable stuff indeed. I have days where I mark them as “today I cannot do a single thing, that can be done tomorrow in the game”. Marks for creative thinking.

    Haha, I have the same; I get lost in the Dungeon far too easily. But I do have to stare on healthbars and keep track of everyone and the groups are so speedy. But every now and again I stay behind when we are finished to get a “feel” for the place. I want to do that in BfA too.

    Part of me fears dual speccing will complicate things, with that azerite stuff, but I have not looked too deep into it yet, since its not written in stone. I just hope and pray, I can deal enough damage in my Resto spec, just like in Legion. That is one of the things that I really have cherished.

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