Big Red Raygun

Picard: Maximum setting. If you had fired, you’d have vaporized me.
Lily: It’s my first ray gun.
— Star Trek: First Contact

Big Red Raygun

This is a toy that drops of Dr. Weavil on an island off of Dustwallow Marsh in Kalimdor.

The island is well protected. One catch is that to be able to see Dr. Weavil and the buildings and such, it has to be in the right phase; before the bombing of Theramore. When you fly over Duskwallow Marsh, you will see a talk bubble; this is the NPC who will turn back time.

Typically, this island is of interest to hunters who can tame some very cool looking spiders who have tank treads for legs. The key to unlock the cages holding the spiders drops from Dr. Weavil and the mechanical dog in the same building.

Wowhead states that the drop rate for the Big Red Raygun at 3%. To counter this low drop rate, we went on a farming grind with five players. Swimming to the dock after being shot down, our hunter had a tracking ability to guide us around the hidden land mines that can kill. Even approaching this island is treacherous because the good Dr. Weavil has anti-aircraft artillery.

There are several buildings and you want the one with several stories. The good doctor seemed to spawn about every five minutes upstairs. The toy is tradable, so someone who has the toy can trade it to a party member. These toys sell on the Auction House as well. Our party of five got three toys in about two hours!

The loot from the trash mobs is cans of oil, as I recall. You can splash this on your pet and it will be oily and icky.

The toy itself is kinda fun. On a ten minute cool down, you can make your pet, your battle pet and I think even your bodyguard(?) big and red for ten seconds. Some might say “ho hum” but it is something to do as we tick time until the next expansion.

Maybe not the best choice, but here is Stardust with the pet biscuit and the big red raygun effect:

2 thoughts on “Big Red Raygun

  1. I had no idea about this toy, I must get it 😀

    About the hunter pets: the green mechanical dog can be tamed by anyone who can tame mechanicals either by racial ability or by the engineering crafted item that allows hunters to do so; as for the the spiders: there are three of them, and they require a drop from Dr. Weavil that powers them up as well (each is spent on use, so taming all three requires multiple Dr. Weavil kills).

    Another advice for fellow hunters: use the “track mechanical” on your map to see the location of the landmines across the path.

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