BfA: Early Professions

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Goblin NPC

BfA: Early Professions

I was reading a post over at Aliandras in WoW on BfA Profession Mats. This author takes us through the various mats that we’ll be needing for our professions. Obviously this is from the Alpha and subject to change. A good posting.

What I don’t see is a Blood of Sargeras type of material. Something that is soul bound and had greatly hampered our progress in Legion. Sure it is early but one can hope that there is not a one single mat that everything revolves around.

As a goblin, I’ll want to herb up early and sell on the AH for beaucoup gold. In Legion, we had five herbs early on, then a sixth from Argus plus a World Quest mat in Felwort. From Aliandras posting, I see seven herbs right from the start, so that is much more gathering especially the range needed for specific flasks that I see in the screenshot. It suggests seven zones to pick flowers in, but we’ll find out.

Of course, my herbalist is a Druid. My expectations is a glove enchant to pick faster. And, I find the Sky Golem way too noisy to peacefully pick flowers in an open field. I’ve always used the WoW-professions site to give me a map of good picking paths too.

In Legion, consumables made all the gold. Enchants and gems, for sure but much more the potions and flasks. I’ll be focusing on Alchemy early on with a close eye on Engineering to see if my raiding main needs anything there.

I’ll up my Enchanter to line up with the first raid drop so serve the sudden increase of gear across the realm.

Begin by selling materials for gold. Herbs, Fish, Mining ore, Leather and Cloth.
Focus on Alchemy to get raid goods and dungeon goods to play the darn game.
Leveling cooking for the buff foods, focusing on my own stat need and a group buff food.
Keep a wary eye on the date of the first raid.

Will the crafting professions like Blacksmithing and Leatherworking have an outlet to make repeatable goods to sell and serve the community?

One thought on “BfA: Early Professions

  1. From what I have seen just looking at LW and BS in the Alpha…both have minor things that can be created and sold such as items to make mounts faster, let’s you interact without being dismounted, or avoid being dazed while mounted. All for a limited time. BS can make a key to open lockboxes and LW can make a diving suit and helmet in addition to their normal drums. The suit increases swim speed by 100% for 15 mins and the helmet lets you breath underwater for 15 mins. I don’t think any of these things will be big money makers. As for a Blood of Sargeras type item, a lot of the professions require something called Expulsom. This is a bop item but as of now patterns require more of them compared to Blood of Sargeras. Maybe it will be easier to get large numbers of Expulsom?

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