Bear Tank Casserole

“I believe that if you’ll just stand up and go, life will open up for you.”
Tina Turner

Bear Tank Casserole

With the encouragement of my guildies, I tanked three mythic dungeons last night. We started on a beginning dungeon, then a mythic 2 and then a mythic 4. My guys all jumped on their Alts so I would have a chance to do my job.

Here’s the deal. All four of my guys play tanks. So, I got a ton of good advice and, of course, they messed with me by shooting at mobs and stuff for me to chase down. By the time we hit mythic 4, the healer announced that he would not heal me anymore so I could use my defensive stuff. It was chaotic and fun.

One thing that came out of the experience is the shop talk. These guys will spend days talking about solid-state drives and terabytes or guns and bullets and snipers or mitigation and health points and cool-downs. If I do choose to enter the tanking world, it will be all of that stuff. I would have to know what my talents are and not just follow a template.

Another thing that came out of the experience is that the learning curve is huge. I never died but running and casting and defending where every dungeon is different and every boss is unique; the combination of my own needed skills plus the vast range of fights is daunting. And, I won’t always have friends with me.

There is plenty to work on, turning the mobs away sounds simple but it isn’t always. Our 4 was lower Kara with rooms and rooms of mobs to pull and control; talking by holding down the Ctrl button seemed impossible. And, I was playing melee which is not my best thing.

Now that I have come out, so to speak, I am pretty sure that I’ll be asked again. So, more and more research and investment in my character. The big wheel keeps on turning.

In case you have Barry White rolling in your head, here is some Proud Mary; just to keep it going.

3 thoughts on “Bear Tank Casserole

  1. Thank you for that Proud Mary xD
    Uau, that sounds like a really crazy experience tanking! I would flip if a healer told me that!!!
    But all that craziness seemed to be a good thing, it’s always amazing when the game really pushes you and things turn out alright šŸ˜€ Great job!

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  2. Here’s my few tips I figured out when I learnt tanking:

    – Keep your cooldowns at the ready for major boss ka-booms (off cooldown, enough rage etc.)
    – Turning mobs away is basically passing through them 1 step behind – then turning 180. Likewise in Aggrammar encounter: run between his legs, then turn and face him.
    – Once the skirmish starts, the more important thing is NOT to turn boss/mobs. DPS and the other tank are taking their position according to how you placed the boss/mobs, so when you try to fix it to “a bit more proper” position, you could wipe the group šŸ™‚ Because one sidestep for you may mean 40-60 yards run for a dps.
    – Don’t chase the mobs around and/or try to save everyone in the party. Every DPS/healer should know that when he rips an aggro, he should run TO the tank and past him. A tank has very limited range of aggro abilities: basically his aoe strikes and fairly rare taunts. So if a dps/healer rips an aggro and tries to run away, it’s him to blame for his death, not you. You stay in place and aoe everything that comes your way – or else you could risk losing aggro for another mobs.

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