BfA Tamer Rounds

“I’ve got a friend who is a lion tamer. He used to be a school teacher till he lost his nerve.”
Les Dawson

BfA Tamer Rounds

So i can just level pets in Elwynn Forest now?
To clarify, the trainers you will battle for Battle for Azeroth World Quests will scale to the level of the highest level pet on your current pet team, allowing you to complete the World Quest with low-level pets.

While we may expand this system to other trainers and battles (a few already use it, like Crysa), we don’t plan to expand it to wild pets at this time.

I didn’t ask the question but it was a good one.

Pet Battles as world quests will continue to be part of your emissary rounds. And they will scale to your highest level pet. This is a very good thing. Some of the battles in Legion were pesky and seeing your opponent at level one with only the opening shot available might be very good, especially for leveling your pets at the same time.

They hint at expanding this to the other tamers and I hope that they do not.

On occasion I will run my leveling character through most of the tamers in the Eastern Kingdom for the XP. These tamers are mostly fairly low level teams and my single 25 can best them. This is good for my intention.

Having to face scaled tamers would mean more specific attention and probably the need to look up and/or save teams. My current run takes about 35 minutes and I skip the Swamps and Kara tamers. Having scaled tamers would mean this strategy of mine a waste of good play time.

I do use Rematch. It allows us to save teams for specific tamers (and for pvp pet battle purposes!) and I think it is more than time for Blizzard to tear a page or two from this addon and make it part of our default UI.

With an obscene 727 pets at level 25 (and rare), managing this collection is becoming a bit much.

2 thoughts on “BfA Tamer Rounds

  1. I read that too; And am a bit worried what it might do to my levelling of pets as well. I do imagine two things, and I am not sure which one would be true; most of what Blizzard have done recently is to “encourage” us to slow down. So maybe pet levelling would be slowed down, too? Then again, really, with such an enormous collection and such an enormous game, as you point out; starting from scratch seem like a very big hill to climb, if there are no “fun loop holes” here and there.

    I had no idea Crysa was scaling!

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