Legion Remembered

“Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.
Samuel Beckett

Legion Remembered

Thinking a lot about Battle for Azeroth, loaded with expectations, hopes, dreams and fun; I’d like to pause for a moment in the continual push forward to try to remember the highlights of Legion. What are the stand-outs of Legion that I’ll remember from my “time spent”?

Legion was solid.

Mythic Plus
This was, is and will continue to be a big deal. Being new to tanking, I’ll also say that it is a bitch. If I had started at the beginning with everyone else, a new element like an affix would have been the sole new element. As it is, it is all new. Kiting mobs down the hallway of Black Rook Hold while they explode and leave nasty puddles is difficult!

The designs were pretty solid. The need for Blizzard to satisfy the standards of Method skews all of our experiences. Mostly it was “same old, same old” but we’ll probably all resent Tomb of Sargeras and its over-tuning forever. And, as the years roll by, the designers are still struggling with Flexible Raiding. The number of dispels or puddles to stand in or new adds have to echo the raid size. A guild raid team can die from a bad design.

Pet Battles
High marks all around for this mini-game. The achievements were fun, the new pets were fun, the new dungeons were fun. Having them part of the WQ and Emissary runs was a relief and brilliant.

Again, it was very well done. The data-mining by Wowhead had me primed on which new toys I wanted on Day One. And, I did get a lot of them. And macro’d them. And it was great. My only knock are the toys RNGed in the Withered Training – that thing takes time, it is tedious and I’m still missing some.

The patron saints for the fishing designers have to be Eugene Ionesco and Samuel Beckett. Absurd, funny, surprising; I had the best time fishing in Legion. We got quests and a very special fishing rod and fishing raid teams! Lots of imagination and creativity: A Plus.

Zone Scaling
It has its merits and drawbacks. We’ll see it again. Personally, I think it is a flat experience that borders on tedious. Since we have to get Loremaster, there is no escaping it. I’m pondering whether I want to zip up to 120 by any means necessary and go back to those zones over-geared: and that, my friends, is a shame.

Friends and Blogs
A highlight for Legion and the best of memories will be how active I was blogging and reading blogs and my friends who played with me during the expansion in raids, dungeons and pvp. Discord works pretty well and is the new standard.

Let me extend my middle finger at the Blood of Sargeras. Resentment abounds.

Legion is almost over. I had fun. I hope that you did too.

Below: a fishing raid team stuffed in a tiny boat. Hilarious.


2 thoughts on “Legion Remembered

  1. Lovely post 🙂 It’s easy to just remember all the things that many thought didn’t work. I’d love to make a post reminding me of all the good times I had. Hah, that screenshot. Crowded much! 😀

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  2. I’m finally getting to enjoy Legion a bit more after I got over my hang up that “all characters must finish all expansions” – hehe, I’m a completionist and it definitely bit me in the behind – so, now, I’m just hop-skip-and-jumping my way through to Legion with most of the characters that I upgraded with the pre-expansion launch. I have been playing Beta a bit – however, there is so much to do in Legion and I am enjoying after taking the pressure off myself.

    Hang in there with the tanking, practice is what makes it better and learning all the little innuendos of the fights.

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