Who will heal Mythic Plus in BfA?

“Nothing can have value without being an object of utility.”
Karl Marx

Who Will Heal Mythic Plus in BfA?

Today’s date is: May 9th, 2018.

One of the down sides to having an esport nestled right inside of our happy MMO is that everyone sees the right way to do it. Currently only one tank, the Blood DK and one healer, Holy Paladin are viable and competitive. Some do run with Resto-Druid healers but not the winners.

We’ve seen this “only right way” before. During Warlords of Draenor, if you didn’t have a Discipline Priest in a mythic raid; then you were doing it wrong — according to the lead designer WatcherDev.

The question is: do we think that Blizzard can balance Mythic Plus for all healers? Certainly we feel that some classes might be left behind but, really, the tanks and healers?

By extension; can Blizzard balance mythic raiding and mythic plus dungeons so that all tanks and all healers are embraced and welcomed in both?

Probably not. Your favorite class could be parked on the side street of game play. I don’t think that they can do it. No invites for you to the party. Class discrimination is called Classism. It is oppressive. It is likely political!

One problem is trust.

If we knew then, back years ago, that the Blood DK and Holy Pally would be the top dogs in mythic plus dungeons: we all would have been ready and played them. Do we know who will do what in the new mythic plus designs for BfA? Blizzard will not tell us. They will sit with smiles on their faces as they see their present to the world be unwrapped and discovered.

Time Spent is a bitch.

We’ve seen it before. A certain class is strong in a certain expansion and many players drop their cherished characters to level up the best class for the expansion. To be the best, you have no choice. If you played with world-first Method, then you’d have several classes ready and on call. This is compounded now with mythic plus dungeons.

If they increased the damage dealt for the healers in mythic plus dungeons, this might solve half of the problem. Resto-Druids do this complicated thing called Catweaving. I don’t think priests have any strong dps option — but they could. All Blizzard has to do is jack up the damage from Smite, for example. Simply turn the dial up.

Or give the healers some powerful utilities. Give the Disc Priest an AoE stun or the Druid a powerful stampeding roar or any unique thing that might be yummy and tasty in a speed run for rewards.

It is a worrisome question. Not knowing if I’ll be welcome to the party, when I really do want to play.


3 thoughts on “Who will heal Mythic Plus in BfA?

  1. It would be nice to see some balance. Healing has been all about the Resto Druid and Holy Pally. As a Holy Priest, I feel like I’ve gotten the shaft for a few expansions. I had to prove my worth as a healer a few times since I wasn’t a Disc Priest.

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  2. I like that way of thinking; I miss having something as “small” as Insect Swarm. Remember, before it got changed- it used to, what was it, reduce enemy hit chance by 2%? It’s not groundbreaking, but it was something offensive and unique to bring to the table. I imagine, “balancing” all classes to work as equals in Mythics, Raids, Open World AND PvP – as well as 1 on 1 must be a tad difficult.

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