My New Capital: Boralus

“A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

My New Capital: Boralus

Long story short; my friend wanted me to heal a dungeon on the Beta. It took me two hours to do the opening scenarios, get the pendant, get the healing addon and to set up my spells.

Boralus is our new hang-out area in Battle for Azeroth, if you are Alliance. We’ll be spending a lot of time there. Even though we are ground-bound, it is outdoors and we can ride our mounts.

I had a very rough time getting around. It was very confusing. Not only are there barriers like buildings and it is a harbor and so is surrounded by water, it is also multi-level: you have to find the right stairs.

It was worse than my first visit to Stormwind a long time ago, when I felt that I’d come to each intersection and then open my map. Step by slow step, it was frustrating and no fun. Stormwind has some landmarks like fountains or different colors but Boralus doesn’t have those yet — at least until I’ve spent a few years there. To me, the architecture all looked the same shape, color and texture.

At one point I was trying to find this portal that would take me back to Stormwind. Like other expansions, one of the first quests is to visit the bank, innkeeper, flight point guy. I decided to ask a guard where the bank was, thinking that the portal was near by — I mean, really, I had just seen it in the opening quests.

The guard marked it on the map but I could not go there. I had to follow this path and circle around some stuff. And, this is silly, I found myself constantly going farther and farther away from my goal.

Eventually I found it, it was indoors but down some more stairs.

Yeah, I can understand a city being built for defense. The design is cool. But, I know that (for me) that I’ll have to spend a long time, way too much time, learning my way around this major city in this World of Warcraft.


2 thoughts on “My New Capital: Boralus

  1. I completely agree with you!! Though I like the look and feel of it, it is confusing. It is odd to see so many doors that don’t open. The more I am there the more I can find my way to a couple of main places. Venturing outside of that just gets me lost.

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