Glory of the Legion Raider

“The nose of a mob is its imagination. By this, at any time, it can be quietly led.”
Edgar Allan Poe

Glory of the Legion Raider

Last night we all met on Discord for raid night. Everyone wanted to talk about Fortnite and that Call of Duty is on the Blizzard Launcher and the price of tokens.

After about twenty minutes, one got the sense that no one wanted to raid. Or do mythic plus. But, we don’t want to disband.

So, we grabbed some more guildies who don’t raid but love achievements and attacked Nighthold. A guild achievement run is healthy for the guild. Suddenly everyone was very chatty and excited and cheerful. I’m guessing Legion burn-out, in general.

When we did the achieve run on Antores, we over-powered the Normal difficulty but had to pay attention to mechanics. With Nighthold, we could ignore the mechanics and power through everything — which meant the healers had to work over-time! I was exhausted!

The achievements were fun. Eating the fruit that makes you hallucinate cracked me up. The Infinite Whelpling was awesome. There are some very creative achievements and Nighthold is, as ever, beautiful in a mostly outdoor environment.

We were a mixed bag of achievers, some had several and some had none. So … we did them all. Sadly, one achievement demands three different raids; so we’ll have to go back and clean up. And, to be fair, we’ll have to clean up on Emerald Nightmare because while most of us has done it — some have not.

Last on the list: Tomb of Sargeras.


2 thoughts on “Glory of the Legion Raider

  1. Oh my, congratulations! Awww these raid achievements, I so want them done. Tell me, are many of them requiring more than one player, meaning, they won’t be soloable at 120? I’m still suck on Cata/Panda/Draenor raids because of that.

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