BfA: Tranquility

“It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.”
Thomas Jefferson

BfA: Tranquility

This spell has been the big raid-wide spell in our books forever. It is pretty. It is not quite strong enough to bail out a raid in trouble but it can top off a lot of players or get them on their way again.

In Legion, our artifact allowed us to cast this channeled spell on the move. Wonderful! But, really, it was too good. Gone was the choice and chance that this tremendous spell might be cut off because we ourselves had to move out of the fire.

Here is the Legion version:


Here is the Battle for Azeroth version:


Built in is a little bit of grace. The stacks begin when you start channeling. So, if you are forced to move at least you have a couple or three stacks on the players that still cooks along. The spell isn’t totally ruined because you might have to move.

The tool-tip shows a flat healing number at the end of the channeled spell; instead of that spell power multiplier. I don’t know if that number will go up — my character on the beta is a lowly 110, parked in town.

I like the stacks. It would have been almost painful to go back to the old version of the spell after the beauty of our artifact trait all through Legion.

3 thoughts on “BfA: Tranquility

  1. Oooh. Ok. That is good to see. And a nice way to find “middle ground” (expression?) between live and BfA. Thank you for updating me on it 🙂 It was one of few things I would really miss.

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  2. I haven’t looked much at Druids yet in the beta. Do you have an ability in the talents that represents your Legion Artifact ability? Many of the classes had their artifact abilities moved to being a choosable talent.

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