Debris: Lull Edition

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”
Leo Tolstoy

Debris: Lull Edition

We continue to monitor and so to protect ourselves from the changes to Battle for Azeroth.

Wowhead writes:
The existing Legion pet charms, Shiny Pet Charm, can be used to buy existing unique things like vendor pets and toys in Battle for Azeroth. They can’t be used for buying Battle-Training Stones, other pet consumables, or the Pocket Pet Portal.
The Pocket Pet Portal will cost the new type of pet charm, so you don’t feel forced to do old World Quests for it.
If you have lots of Legion pet charms and nothing unique to spend them on, buy battle stones now since you can’t in BFA!

Following their advice, I spent a lot of Pet Charms to get the upgrade stones.


Questionably Epic has made a very good post on Resto-Druid changes to the Battle for Azeroth. Battle For Azeroth Beta Changes breaks it all down with his usual brief commentary and humor.

MMO Champs posted Battle for Azeroth Beta Build 26707 which has some toys.

Standouts, to me, are the three that interact with our companion pets. I look forward to Narcissa’s Mirror, a magical pet biscuit and using these three toys!




And, finally, I write another blog with my brother called The Profound Bartender. It is not very interesting and mostly a place to practice writing and get some ideas out.

However, I have been studying the language used in the McCarthy era when they did the Communist witch hunts in the 1950s and tried to write a something for the World of Warcraft using that language. It is called Fortnite Infiltrates World of Warcraft. I think it is a little bit funny, so I thought I’d offer it up.
Maybe at least click so it looks like I get traffic?

3 thoughts on “Debris: Lull Edition

  1. My goodness, you are ready for the pets in BfA alright! Thank you for the link to the resto Druid changes, good recap. Those sound like fun new toys! So we can have a mini version of ourselfes, with a rainbow chasing us, while we chase a robot mouse?!

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