BfA: Scaling Down

“What one has to do usually can be done.”
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BfA: Scaling Down

I am a bit fearful that questing in BfA will be a drag. The quests and stories and discoveries will be great. Killing mobs could get dreary and tedious.

Help me out here if my thinking is wrong.

We show up in BfA at level 110 in our raiding gear. We have been told that our Artifact weapon will not be replaced right away but will carry us up to about 116. So, by extension, no new gear until around then.

We start questing and the mobs die, not too bad! We are strong. Since WatcherDev took the helm, each fight now takes about twelve seconds whether you are really geared or at level 20 in Duskwood. This to to make the game “meaningful”. Mobs don’t hit too hard but have plenty of health.

Okay. We ding 111! The mobs scale up to 111. But we are in the same gear and so it is harder to do the kills. As we continue to ding forward it gets worse and worse. By the time we are at 116, we are wimps and struggling along. Finally, slowly, we get one new piece of gear that replaces our stuff at 117.

It seems to me that we will be facing a dip in our progress through the new zones in BfA. Instead of feeling powerful, we will get weaker and weaker until the slow turn-around and climb back up at the end to 120. Is this the best way to design a game?

A brand new player will have started weak at 110 and in greens. He will struggle some as he levels but will feel that wonderful feeling of new gear and of greater and greater power until at 120 it feels like the world is open and that they can do anything.

But, the vast majority of WoW players will carry their gear over from Legion. By Legion standards they are over-geared and walking like gods on Argus. We have power and resources at our fingertips. Facing scaling zones to level up has a huge built-in dip in our experience.

The scaling technology looks great on paper but in reality it makes for a dreadful experience for continuing players.

One thought on “BfA: Scaling Down

  1. Well said. I felt the same way. Heck, I even locked XP at level 109, because it was easier than levelling to 110. That surely is not the way it’s meant to be.

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