Healing Some Beta

“An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark – that is critical genius.”
Billy Wilder

Healing Some Beta

I’ve healed three of the dungeons that you can see on Normal in the BfA Beta.

  • It is the Beta, things can change.
  • It was on Normal in green 110 gear.
  • It was a random group.
  • My healing addon broke when entering each dungeon and disappeared.

My intention was to take a scenic tour and enjoy the new designs. Having no addon, my hands were suddenly full with clicking on players and casting spells. I didn’t get to see very much.

There are two outdoor zones that seem fairly linear.

There was a house that had many levels, stairs, hallways, cogged doors, a cellar and a basement. We had a Demon Hunter tank who knew the place and I’d guess that was why he was there, to learn how to get around this very confusing house. Most of his mob pulls were Line of Sight pulls, dragging the tagged mobs back around the corner.

I was using Germination and Spring Blossoms and Cenarion Ward. Even with bark and Wild Growth, which should have been a lot of heals — I couldn’t keep the tank topped off without spamming Regrowth. If he dropped below 50%, it was many Regrowths to get his health back up.

That was something to worry about.

It was Normal so you don’t expect a whole lot of damage. I don’t know if DHs got their self-heals nerfed or even if he was trying. There is so much that one can not know in the Beta. My intention was to ride the tank with heals so that he could run without stopping through the endless trash pulls but I blew through Mana to keep him up.

Still, except when our group got split up; no one died.

My guess is that future mythic plus runners are learning these dungeons today, by rote and by heart.

One thought on “Healing Some Beta

  1. Oh ouch, spamming Regrowth does not please me much! But it’s all new and early. Once we run with tanks we know, it will be easier to know what is the cause of what.

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