BfA: Healing Mythic Plus

“I’m not much of a crier but it is mildly soul-destroying and exposing to do something physical that you are terrible at in front of other people.”
Emily Blunt

BfA: Healing Mythic Plus

Today’s date is: May 28, 2018

I know, I’m obsessing on it. Why? Because I want to be invited to the dance.

TL;DR: Roll like a Goren and be a Holy Paladin.

The Mary Poppins Analogy
Let’s say you want to choose a favorite to play Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews and Emily Blunt are both beautiful. They both have great charisma. They can do comedy. No problem with the acting chops, they are wonderful.

You are starting to think that Emily Blunt is looking pretty good for a Mary Poppins.

But, what if I told you that Julie Andrews had a Mastery of a four octave vocal range and could do a two octave slide? Well, that is that; the mastery is too strong. Sorry Emily.

Sure, you are thinking, “I’m a Mistweaver, I want a shot at it”. And, you can probably do well. But, you’d have to play over your head, have perfect timing and get lucky to equal an average Holy Paladin.

Let’s look at the Mastery of the healers and you’ll see that the Paladin only has to show up. Everyone else has to work at it.

Mastery: Lightbringer
Requires Paladin (Holy)
Requires level 78
Proximity to your target causes your spells to heal for up to 12% more.

Mastery: Absolution
Requires Priest (Discipline)
Requires level 78
Increases the healing transferred through Atonement by 13.0%.

Mastery: Echo of Light
Requires Priest (Holy)
Requires level 78
Your direct healing spells heal for an additional 10% over 6 sec.

Mastery: Deep Healing
Requires Shaman (Restoration)
Requires level 78
Increases healing from your spells by up to 24%, based on the current health of your target. Lower health targets are healed for more.

Mastery: Harmony
Requires Druid (Restoration)
Requires level 78
Your healing is increased by 5% for each of your Restoration heal over time effects on the target.

Mastery: Gust of Mists
Requires Monk (Mistweaver)
Requires level 78
Effuse, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for (0.01% of Spell power).

About a year ago, I forget when, I was watching a Q&A with Watcher and Lore. One question was on Mythic Plus. They didn’t just smile, they beamed! Why? The Invitational had just happened and it made the designers look great. These top players did speed runs that were awesome. There were surprises and clever solutions. They danced, they tapped, they boogied, they did the electric glide. Full of new zeal, the designers began thinking about how could they make it better! Watcher began talking about bringing back Utility to some classes. After all, it makes him look great.

I’ve been waiting in the Alpha and now the Beta for the Great Reveal, when we’d see all of the terrific utility that would be given to the healers. Utility makes for great Mythic Plus solutions. And, it isn’t going to happen. The Invitational featured the elite players and the designers looked really good; but what about the other 99% of the players?

When I look back at when I was dating a lot, I remember the ones who said “yes” to my invitation. I really don’t remember being turned down but it happened. This game by Blizzard is not real life. The designers can make me desirable and I think that they should do just that. I don’t want to be turned down over and over all night because I’m an icky sticky Druid. I want to go to the dance and not be left alone at home as a someone not worth taking to the prom. It makes me sad.

I understand that real life isn’t fair. I expect better from the game designers.

One thought on “BfA: Healing Mythic Plus

  1. I really cherish when you write posts like this; your love for theater and movies and knowledge combined with a WoW subject is such a great read.

    But gosh. I understand. Our mastery seems so weak compared to the rest! What on earth. We have to fire up a lot of HoTs in order for it to start ticking. I was not aware. No wonder my friend, who is the best player I know, and have participated in high end game raiding favors a Holy Paladin for his M+.

    Heard. No need to face the same hardship in a game, as we do in the real world.

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