This New Machine

“You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.”
Ogden Nash

This New Machine

After deliberation, finally the big boxes arrived. A new computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse but no headphone set. Headphones are the most intimate of the online gaming machinery and it will take a lot to find something that delivers the voice well.

To set up in the back bedroom is the plan for the transition phase. Walking back and forth the needed WTF files or a needed bookmark or a folder of old blog posts while still wanting the purge of old parasites so to enjoy a new computer life is the intention.

That table back there needs some cleaning. Taxes and even worse, old taxes, need to be filed and boxed. The table needs a good wipe down, this room isn’t used very much. And, y’know, this room could see a vacuum too.

Time will be spent back here and this over-head ceiling light will never do. Grandma gave me some really nice table lamps that give the room a warmth with its light. One lamp shade even has some tassels!

The packing boxes are huge and should be saved, just in case. That closet needs complete re-ordering. Face it, some of these favorite old clothes will never fit again unless, God forbid, a bad illness strikes like lightning. Making room for packing boxes is not much of a chore, just a sad one.

The room only has one wall outlet. The table needs to be moved which means that everything in the way needs to be moved and dusted and wiped down. Then the vacuum is needed again for the new cleared spaces. And the table lamps need to be shifted around to make a pleasing environment. With the decision to keep the blinds shut leads to finally having clean blinds and a clear window.

After all that it is lunch time and well deserved.

Okay, lets look inside these boxes and at the shiny new toys.

And look at the space around my old computer. It has been sitting there for years! This whole area needs cleaning and maybe the furniture could be re-arranged. Those pictures on the wall have been the same ones since I moved in, I have plenty more in this other closet.

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