The Bloated Collector

“Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories.”
Walter Benjamin

The Bloated Collector

Blizzard has done a good job with the interface to deal with the volume of items in our collections. With mounts, pets, toys and transmog pieces; our collections can grow very big.

The choice to have transmog pieces ordered by style and not alphabetic was a good one. The recolors line up and the holiday ones are buried in the back. The preview interface for the collections are good with previews of the mount or pet but also a tip on where to get it.

It could be better.

With mounts, not only would I like to filter flying vs non-flying mounts but also noisy vs quiet. Maybe size would be nice too, the big ones can be annoying and I’m not that kind of player. I’d really like a shift-click-something that I could use on another player to highlight their mount in my interface (if I have it) so that we could match.

With toys, I like their favorite page. I’d like to be able to filter by cooldowns, meaning that a toy with a four hour cooldown could be first on the listing or last by my choice. Moving all the short cooldown toys to the front would be ideal. Sorting by transformation vs visual effect would be welcome. Maybe even a “apply to others” toy filter for the BFF toy or the football or rainbow. Lets go crazy and make the designers work overtime: instant vs channeled or sorted by zones.

With pets, clearly the Rematch addon has improved the pet interface a lot. Blizzard could and should lift the majority of the fixes from Rematch. Even so, a filter of big vs small or extensive idle animation or interact with pet would be welcome. Few would know that the Pandaren Monk would bow back, maybe some better notes for the pets would be helpful.

With tmog, I’d have Blizzard interview Kamalie Et Alia. But my thought is that it is too expensive. A gold leech is okay, especially when maintaining a set and you get the occasional upgrade. Still, I’d like an in-town set and a hero-in-battle set that toggles and that would be spendy. My solution would be that when you save a set that it is expensive but when you toggle to use it that it would be cheap.

Overall, Blizzard has done a really good job. As a player, I feel buried under my collection; sorting through hundreds of pets, toys, mounts and tmog pieces. With the achievement having the “ridable” qualifier for mounts, we should be able to see that with a how many number to the next achievement: because we are now collecting for volume and less about the individual item.


3 thoughts on “The Bloated Collector

  1. Well, here’s a thing about the Appearances collection interface that bugs me: for just about every type of item, the items are sorted in reverse chronological order (stuff from newest patch of newest expansion first), and when you favorite an item, the favorites section is also organized in reverse chronological order. So you see first your favorites, in reverse chronological order, then your not favorites, in reverse chronological order, then the items you haven’t obtained yet, in reverse chronological order. Except for cloth chestpieces. For cloth chestpieces, the favorites are listed in reverse order of the order in which you favorited them — which can make a specific item really quite difficult to find, when one has as many robes and tunics favorited as I do…

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  2. Great suggestions. I have been wanting that too, especially with flying/ground mounts.

    “we are now collecting for volume and less about the individual item”. Spot on. Sad in a way. Some mounts I have looted, I have never even used, not even once.

    But with my Battle Pets, oh, the joy I feel when I now can find pets that match my opponents weakness and strength.

    How long did it take you to get the Fire-kitty toy in Firelands? šŸ™‚

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