BfA: Pre-Patch 8.0

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

BfA: Pre-Patch 8.0

Today’s date is: June 6th, 2018

Most people are guessing the pre-patch will be on July 10th or the 17th. That would give us one month. All eyes right now are on the announcement of when the PvP season will end.

Unless Blizz throws us a curve, the end of the PvP season will be the same day as the pre-patch drop.

There has been some confusion about what stays and what goes with this pre-patch, like the AotC achievement or the Mage Tower. I’d guess that they both will be doable up until launch but I don’t know; if there was a Blue Post on it, I missed it!

We will have some introductory quests for Battle of Azeroth. It will ramp up our hatred for the other faction supporting the name of the expansion.

The big deal for me will be the stat squish and the spells and talents which have been thrown into a blender with the lid off. Some classes like Balance Druid and Affliction Warlock will see wholesale changes to their playstyle. Last night our tanking Paladins were sounding stressed about the next expansion.

It is important, at least to me, to take my character out on a road test. I’ll want all the confusion and mystery to be resolved before the actual expansion drop. I’ll expect hot fixes and restarts and long reset days.

When will our Artifact Weapon see its transition into Big Stat Stick? Ideally for me it would be on pre-patch day but I think that it will be “an event” designed into the game. Playing with new spells and talents with a fully stacked artifact weapon is not useful but it may mean over-powered — especially with the artifact’s special baked into one of our future talents.

Bring it on, Blizzard.

2 thoughts on “BfA: Pre-Patch 8.0

  1. I look forward to have a bit of time to try out the whole new overhaul stat squish and what not before BfA lands too. That global cooldown change too.

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