Resto-Druid: BfA Mythic Plus

“America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration.”
Warren G. Harding

Resto-Druid: BfA Mythic Plus

I’m excited about Battle for Azeroth. I want to heal both raids and mythic plus dungeons. I look forward to those three-man island scenarios. I’m all about repeatable content; story-be-damned, I’m looking for the nuance in trash mobs.

Today’s date is: June 8th, 2018

And it IS the Beta, today we got one second added to our Tiger Dash! See, we knew things can change for the better.

Tiger Dash Activates Cat Form and increases movement speed by 200%, reducing gradually over (4) 5 sec. Druid – Level 30 Talent. Instant. 45 sec cooldown.

Once again I visited Questionably Epic, super smart guy, and the Battle for Azeroth Beta Changes. Look it over, it is good stuff.

Standing out are three nerfs to our Mythic Plus experience, I’ll cherry pick them from his posting:

Bear Form Stamina increase reduced to +25% (from +55%)
This is almost certainly a Mythic+ nerf. They’ve also increased the armor slightly (200% -> 220%) but we’ll feel this.

Changed: Abundance reduces Regrowth mana cost and increases crit chance by 6% per rejuvenation you have out.
This makes Abundance much more usable in raid while nerfing it in Mythic+.

Stonebark and Germination swapped places.
This is a heavy Mythic+ nerf since it prevents us from taking both Germ and Flourish.

And my thanks to Questionably Epic for the posting and commentary.

I assume that all healers have been nerfed for mythic plus dungeons because that would only be fair.

The three above nerfs are a bit sad because it was … fun … to drop to bear form because of predictable incoming damage. Talents and spells should be answers to questions like how do I deal with this mythic plus problem.



3 thoughts on “Resto-Druid: BfA Mythic Plus

  1. Holy Paladins and Resto Druids were nerfed for mythic+ because they were by far the most effective at it, going by general consensus and representation. Even then, the MDI was 99% paladins. Doesn’t make sense to nerf all the healers if only a couple are overperforming.

    You can draw a couple of conclusions from a nuanced look at this. The mythic+ meta is part class toolkit, and part dungeon design. The combination of tyrannical + unavoidable boss abilities makes the existence of strong healer defensives mandatory when pushing very high keys. At some point healers with weak defensives just get one shot, or their cool downs are too long to mitigate multiple hits. These classes also have strong externals and can provide decent dps as well. For many of the same reasons, dps classes with immunities or other methods to ‘cheese’ mechanics are also highly regarded.

    From what I’ve heard in the beta (grain of salt as I don’t have access yet, and theres no M+ yet ) : many of the unavoidable damage mechanics do % damage instead of some flat value, and things like kiting huge packs of mobs is much less effective due to the layout and AI of the monster packs. The loss of legendaries will also cause healing dps to drop (especially druid) since AFAIK there’s no such thing as ‘off-spec’ azerite traits.

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    • Thank you for your generous reply.
      What I would not understand, then, is why not bring UP all the healers so that they can have a more meaningful impact on the encounters? Give them more dps or utility or buffs.
      It should be exciting times!

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