The Rough Buff Stuff in BfA

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The Rough Buff Stuff in BfA

We were teased at Blizzcon last year but it looks like they won’t put out. The party buffs for classes is down to three: Mage, Priest and Warrior. With the Monk class giving a physical damage buff and (of course) the Demon Hunter giving a magic damage buff.

I’m looking at this post on Wowhead.

For the let-them-eat-cake little people, they have War-Scrolls with are less powerful but we can pretend that we are playing the designed game like the big kids.

I don’t know what this means. One could assume that this is the ideal mythic plus comp. Let the Warrior tank, maybe, and the Priest heal and let the Mage, Demon Hunter and Monk do the DPS jobs. It looks to me like this is the ideal designed team.

These buffs are powerful enough that you’d not want to go without them.

Personally, in my Druid heart of hearts, I wanted Mark of the Wild so that I could buff up players that are passing by in the wild. It felt, to me, like I could bless others to make them more strong. That was a very good feeling.




2 thoughts on “The Rough Buff Stuff in BfA

  1. As a player who returned to legion after leaving just after the Cata launch, I have difficulty understanding why they did away with buffs in the first place (along with many other design choices). Surely deliberately designing the bfa version of the holy Trinity would be contrary to the direction the game has been going in for some time? Interesting post, at any rate – thanks

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  2. Wait, what? I mean…What? There’s…No, what? WHAT?! Mark of the Wild? What? I am sorry. I must have mistaken and misunderstood…Surely it’s because it’s still early in the alpha right? Or am i too naive… 😦 I remember how excited I was when I heard this at Blizzcon…

    I don’t care if all it grants is 1 intellect! I just want to buff people…


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