BfA: Developer Q&A on Thursday

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.”
Virginia Woolf

BfA: Developer Q&A on Thursday

There will be a Developer question and answer session for about one hour tomorrow. Answering will be Game Director Ion Hazzikostas.

There are forums for you to submit your question: Here is the US Forum and here is the EU Forum. You can twitter at #WarcraftQA as well.

I’ve read through the pages of questions. Noting that they’ve asked for 40 words or less, I skipped over the massive-sized posts just like the moderator.

At a glance:

  • The most questions seem to be on transmog and also equipping different kinds of weapons for a class — like could a DK please use two-handed swords, or something along those lines.
  • Many questions are about feedback. Some classes have had full explanations of why and how their classes will change for BfA. Players want to know if their class will get the same treatment, those who have been ignored.
  • Everyone wants to know why the Mage, Warrior and Priest get the big raid buff but no one else gets something. It smacks of unfair.
  • Players are guessing and wondering about Mythic Plus team compositions and who will be viable.
  • And then, after that, many specific questions but scattered about like the Underlight Angler or flying or the new Allied Races. Actually, a lot on Allied races and future choices.

I asked two questions: one was about the loss of Displacer Beast and the nerf to Dash and the other was; like many others, about the Mage, Warrior and Priest getting the big raid/dungeon buffs.

I don’t expect a response to my questions and I would be shocked to receive a reply. My belief is that this stuff is mostly public relations and little hard information. It is not about accountability but instead about justification of choices.

I do have lunch time free tomorrow and I look forward to watching this session.

There is one question that I almost asked but decided not to do so:

Lets address the elephant in the Q&A room. It is never acceptable to humiliate an employee in front of thousands of customers. It is never acceptable to joke about an employee’s job status.

Question One: Did Ion get a request to visit Human Resources after firing Lore live on the twitch steam?
Question Two: Did Lore ding a big pay raise for not suing Activision?

I remember my shock when Lore asked about the Sea Gull affix for mythic plus and Ion shot back, “you’re fired”. Even labeled as jokes, they are never funny. That kind of power unchecked is simply wrong in the work place. Ah well, some questions by me are best left unasked.


6 thoughts on “BfA: Developer Q&A on Thursday

  1. the really sad thing is that even being up for two full days to ask questions, the post is still not capped. I think people just know that the questions are vetted.

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  2. I had no idea, Ion said that. We are all different, but I am not a fan of irony or sarcasm in general, especially not if it’s not being presented in a way that makes it crystal clear.*

    That fishing pole…Would you say it’s important to have it maxed out in BfA?

    Good questions. I just want Mark of the Wild back. 🙂 Buffing the classes you mention seem like a way to return to the roots of “making pure classes stronger”.

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  3. More interesting would be asking “Why is the EU forum barely read by devs at all?”

    With so much information being datamined since day 1, I’m surprised people still ask things at all 😕

    As for the “firing”…It was a joke and he understood it as one, not much of a case there.

    Lore pitched a joke idea, and Ion made a joke reply. Nothing in Lore’s reaction indicate he was humiliated, in fact he was amused.
    Here’s an example of humiliation in front of thousands of viewers: Ion saying “do 50 push ups now or I’ll fire you”. Here’s another one: Ion saying “spend less time joking and more time working”.

    It may have offended you, Wrath. But it didn’t offend Lore 🙂
    We are all different, and we don’t laugh at the same things. But if a joke is directed at someone, and that person has fun with it, I don’t take issue with it.

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