Recipe: Bountiful Captain’s Feast

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Recipe: Bountiful Captain’s Feast

Before Legion, when asked about potions, flasks and buff foods; Ion dismissed it and brushed it away as something only those who min/max use. My experience is that the raid team really wants buffs of all kinds.

NB: the following is all gleaned from Wowhead’s Battle for Azeroth data-mining.
Today’s date is: June 15, 2018

The best feast food is called Bountiful Captain’s Feast featuring a whopping 91 to your main stat.


Like most recipes in BfA, it is locked behind reputation. I see that we can buy rank two at honored and rank three at revered so I assume that rank one is friendly with the Tortollan Seekers. The vendor is Collector Kojo and, it seems, can be found in many of the zones.

Let’s look at the mats:


Left to right, the Redtail Loach is a fish and the Frenzied Fangtooth is also a fish.

Stringy Loins are farmed off of Hexthralled Courser, found in Drustvar.


Meaty Haunch is farmed off of the Sharptail Beaver in Tiragarde Sound.


We also have to cook up a bunch of Kul Tiramisu. It looks like Wild Flour and Foosaka are purchased cooking mats. The Major’s Frothy Coffee is found at the Cupola Cafe in our capital and the Fish Oil is from “using” the fish that we fish up.


The same is with Mon’Dazi. These mats seem to all be purchasable and while I believe that you can purchase Fish Oil, we might as well “use” the fish that we have.


Finally we need Midnight Salmon. It is a bit of a mystery due to the flavor text of “These fish are most prominent during the later hours of the day”. One would guess night time and the open sea, but who knows.


At Rank One, to make a stack of 20 of these feasts, probably enough for one raid night we need 400 Redtail Loach, 400 Frenzied Fangtooth and so on and on. A lot of fishing and farming of mats!


  • There has been some talk about our mission followers being able to do fishing missions and coming back with nets full of fish.
  • The Underlight Angler will cast itself over to BfA, so we’ll have at least water-walking. My guess is that we’ll get new traits for BfA pools and that you can buy a model so no one has to go back to Legion to earn one.
  • The Hexthralled Courser and the Sharptail Beaver are both skinnable, so that might decide your choice of Alt Farmer.
  • At the Q&A yesterday, Ion said that the new raid would drop three weeks into BfA with the LFR and Mythic version one week after that. So, you have three weeks to get your rep up, buy the recipe, farm the mats and craft the feasts.
  • I didn’t even look at the cost of the cooking mats!

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  1. Hypetrain! Every little bit of detail has be excited at this point, I guess. Even the name of the new faction and zones. I see, I see. A new raid just three weeks after launch? Wow, okay. Tell me, how does that make a raider feel, today?

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