The Battle for Azeroth and My Mom

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”

Mark Twain

The Battle for Azeroth and My Mom

Once upon a time, I had visited my folks for Christmas and was preparing to drive back to Los Angeles. My Mom handed me a small Ziploc baggie with a candle and a book of matches. She said, “Put this in your glove compartment. If you end up in a snowdrift in the middle of the night, one candle can keep you alive”.

The odds of me ending up in a snowdrift are pretty high. On the other hand, the effort to toss a baggie in my car is pretty low. But, in the end, it could make all of the difference: life and death.

Having a great Mom like that impacted my life, like all Moms do. And, I wish that I could have learned more from her planning and pre-planning for life. She thought ahead and executed, sometimes that effort can be very small but the results can be mighty.

I have a bank alt with its own guild, just like you do. It has rows of cloth but now-a-days you don’t need old cloth to level up a new tailor. It also has tab dedicated to storing Hexweave Bags for many reasons. It also has a tab called Legion Leveling.

Prior to the launch of Legion I stocked up on things that I thought I’d need. And, I’ve not really thought about that tab for a couple of years. In it now are some left-over foods to regain health and some Felmouth Frenzy. Gone are the rows and rows of Goblin Glider kits and Drums of Fury.

Having Goblin Glider kits made a huge difference when getting around the starting zones in Legion. For about a year I was grateful to my pre-planning before the launch of Legion and it was … uh … smooth sailing.

So. What did I learn from that idea? First of all; we’ll be fine. The first year in BfA will be ground-bound and we’ll macro a bunch of toys to the Water Strider mount. We probably won’t need buff food from Legion or bandages or anything like that.

Pre-planning for a new expansion is always worth it because the effort to do so is small but the results could be mighty. Or not.

While exploring the new lands and questing and leveling and sight-seeing, I’ll also be keeping an eye on:

  • Herbing areas and picking-paths to build an alchemist and inscriptionist. I’ll want a pair of gloves with the herbing enchant asap.
  • Mining areas to build my engineer.
  • Reading some profession guides on my crafters so I don’t blow through mats needlessly to get to what I want to make repeatedly.
  • Find my favorite areas to fish: ease of access, lack of danger, plentiful pools.
  • It will be a race and a hard-core race at that to be able to have some stacks of Bountiful Captain’s Feast for raiding in three weeks.
  • And on and on and on.

How do you start an expansion? Do you mount up and ride to open all of the Flight Points? Or do you take that first quest and simply begin?

Do you have a stack of Bear Tartare and Fighter Chow and Drums of Fury and Glider Kits to smooth the ride? Or do you enter a new land with open eyes and empty bags?

My Mom would probably make some rows of Goblin Glider Kits and stack them in a bank alt tab, just in case. Even if they go grey at launch, the effort is minimal but the difference could be mighty. I think that I’ll do that too.

5 thoughts on “The Battle for Azeroth and My Mom

  1. My “preparation” usually amounts to spending the last evening or two before launch day clearing out my bags and banks. If I’ve been doing the Darkmoon Faire fishing quest regularly with all of my alts, I’ll have a reasonable amount of food on hand — not buff food, of course, but good enough for healing up while I’m out questing.

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  2. Aw, sweet. 🙂

    Hm, me, I take the first quest and begin 🙂 Open eyes, empty bags, almost addon free, except one to hide the interface completely and block my map.

    I am trying to max out professions atm, and clear out remaining quests in Legion, obtaining a few pets, mounts and toys, to say “check!”

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