Eight Weeks to Launch

“Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.”
Aldous Huxley

Eight Weeks to Launch

A lot of my favorite bloggers are posting their progress and/or anticipation of the new expansion. All of them are far more organized than me. Thankfully, they are writers and are posting their considerations for the future which is helpful to us laymen.

I was talking to a friend who is playing in the Beta and he was talking about The Five Second Pull. He explained how important the beginning of each fight is because of the Global Cool Down. The pre-pot has no GCD but his first five spells, well, each one takes 1.5 seconds to cool down; the waiting is super clunky but also doing them in the right order is critical.

The Top Dogs in Mythic Plus will have many characters ready to play because no one knows which class will be the top for months to come:
“A lot gets made of the “M+ meta”, but realistically that meta isn’t going to start taking shape immediately in BFA. People will have some ideas about which classes are strong and which ones aren’t, but class balancing will still be occurring up to and through the release of BFA. You can expect at least a few tweaks even as late as the week of mythic Uldir release. Until Blizzard is done making adjustments to classes, it will be impossible to say which classes will stand atop the M+ mountain.”
You can read the entire article here.

It was chilling for the author to remind us that the affliction warlock was unplayable until Nighthold!

I need to remind myself how easy it is to switch to a different Main. While I may be currently geared in heroic tier, all that will be replaced around level 116; just a few days of leveling.

My guess is that a lot is going to be written on the Global Cool Down. Spreading out our spells will allow us to see the pretty animations for each spell. It is a very big change to our core play-style and while we might get used to it in the pre-patch, I wonder if we’ll still have the fun of mashing buttons! Will the go-go-go-go be gone?




2 thoughts on “Eight Weeks to Launch

  1. “Wait for 5 Sunders!” Good times 🙂 The beginning of an expansion is always a tad chaotic to me. I tend to wait a few weeks before I dive in.

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