BfA Food Changes: Nerf

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”
W. C. Fields

BfA Food Changes: Nerf

Some of the more useful information to we advancing characters into Battle for Azeroth is Wowhead’s Wow Economy Weekly Wrap-Up. While this excellent sub-site often covers things that I do not care about, it finds many answers to questions that we might have. For example, the loss of work orders in our Draenor garrisons.

Today’s set of articles includes the sad nerf to Bear Tartare and Fighter Chow:

Food Changes
Another disappointing change comes with nerfs to both Bear Tartare and Fighter Chow. /u/Thegr8whited reports:
On live, currently gives 70% movement speed after killing an enemy for 5 seconds.

On beta, gives 250 speed at level 110. This is the equivalent to 18.50% movement speed, and will drop down as you level up.

There is currently no item or food in BFA to replace it.

Edit: For those asking, I have also checked out fighter chow. Fighter chow at level 120 now gives 1,944 HP every 5 seconds when out of combat. As a 303 disc priest (roughly equivalent to 810 legion ilvl), i have 87k HP. This is equivalent to 2.2% of my hp every 5 seconds, out of combat. This will most likely not scale with your HP or gear.

This will give even more reason to leave farming alts at level 110 or below.

Like you and everyone I know, there are trips to be made to old raids for many reasons; perhaps the new achievement for 100 exalted reputations. The speed boost from a kill is so necessary when traveling through any of the very big raids like Molten Core.

Personally, I don’t feel I need a speed buff when leveling in new content. I think that they should add a speed buff to all old raids if you are above the level like they do in our Order Halls; Paladin and Priest come to mind.


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