Yikes: BfA Global Cooldown

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

Ack: BfA Global Cooldown

The changes in our GCD is all about antici-


Waiting to push a button, maybe even staring at that button instead of the boss or floor, could make the game more exciting. The use of a spell would be become meaningful and the choice between two spells could add depth to the game.

Yeah, right.

The immediate thought goes to brief encounters like dueling or pvp which has that “get me out of here” spell and it has been used for years to save the day. Like Displacer Beast, perhaps. Or the quick-stack of spells to finish off your victim.

Well, that’s gone. Fights will look very pretty on video but the feeling is that the play-style itself will be clunky; especially to long-time players.

It is hard to imagine, though, the really long fights. Twelve minute raid bosses, fights that you had to learn by practicing over and over. Will there be pride once learned or a well of depressing boredom; the excitement is gone.

New strength from new higher gear won’t release us from a measured rotation.

Early September will find us facing our long raid boss fights. We pray to Elune that the encounter designers have folded in the changes to the Global Cool Down. If they created a quick five-minute fight that turns out to be eight because of the stretching out of our spell use; we could be in for a very long road to end game.

Everyone has to wait to see this Grand Design play out. It seems that every expansion starts us off weak and chunky and that we improve over two years as all of our stuff scales up. One wonders if Haste, our secondary stat, will become our primary concern even though we have been promised that ilevel will trump all considerations.

First impressions are powerful. Let us hope that in two years that our Last Impressions are those of joy and fun and giddy laughter.

I’ve watched a few youtube videos; this one seems pretty good. He talks super fast, so y’gotta pay attention:


8 thoughts on “Yikes: BfA Global Cooldown

  1. Yikes, that does sound very clunky. Thank you for the video, I still tend to stay away from Youtube these days, spoilers! I really do wonder the reasoning behind this change. It sounds as if it might be very frustrating.

    How does all your Toy macros look?

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  2. From past experience, initially when everyone’s haste is low, and we have not gotten significant upgraded gear, the GCD makes playing a mess. Once we start improving things become more fluid. My fear is we will go back to using substandard lower iLvL gear once again because Haste will have more value in reducing the GCD. I recall back in MoP when I dusted off an alt Shadowpriest. He had ok gear certainly, but the difference in timing of spell cast was so bad that I just logged out of him. I won’t know how good or bad I am until at least patch 8.1 when they get around to finalizing my class/spec

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