Looking About Azeroth

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

Looking About Azeroth

I’m still playing!

Our raid team is down to barely ten and we shuffle players around to make a raid composition. One healer went tank and we dragged him through new experiences in heroic raiding. There is talk of saving lock-outs and only doing heroic Argus.

There was a post on MMO Champs about the very (very) low drop rate on Amanthul’s Vision. They tracked for 19 weeks before they gave up too.

We will need to get the team back together once the pre-patch drops. Seeing our new GCD in action with the stat squish will be something, I don’t know what.

Anne Stickney at Blizzard Watch posted a lovely slide show on A very important gallery of things you can and cannot pet in Battle for Azeroth. She is a sharp and funny writer and I enjoyed each slide.

Cymre at Bubbles of Mischief always writes thorough articles; informed and well written. Warfronts: Arathi Highlands – Pet Edition takes us through all of the cool pets to be found in this new zone.

Gnomecore has given us a review on the Christie Golden book: Before the Storm. Thankfully it has been kindly broken up into two parts; an overview of the reading experience and then, later, the spoilers. I’m a-thinking now that I should get this book soon.

My slow grind for gold is daunting. I don’t think I’ll make the gold sink mount by launch but: I’ll keep trying.



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