Sunshine and Gold

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”
Helen Keller

Sunshine and Gold

Last week, my car was in the shop and I spent way too much time at home and playing WoW. I live in the desert and the heat range was around 103 for most of the day. Now my car is back and I’m out and about again. Even sitting on the porch in the morning is a blessing.

I am at 3.9 million gold and I pushed it by selling my stock of hexweave bags and dumping a lot of my herbs and flasks and more. It was a relief to start clearing my bags for a new expansion. Dude, I even did some satchel runs on the LFR.

The WoW Economy guys on WoWhead report that the gold missions in our order halls will be turned off with the pre-patch, just like in WoD. I did not emphasize this part of the game at all during the expansion and still would not except for the wish to own that massive gold sink of a mount!

And, we surely will have gold missions again. Will you optimize your Alts and make a lot of gold in the next expansion? It is tempting but, for me, I’d rather play.

It is with a grim smile that I write this. My blog traffic is rising fast like it did pre-Legion. Players are looking for answers and Icy Veins and MMO Champs is not enough. But, there is not a lot to write about. We are in waiting mode. It is summer. Lets go fly a kite in the park.

And I’m 509/1000 on the pvp pet battle achievement. I want The Trainer title.



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